ACL MD5 - SIPG vs Sydney FC - 1/12/20

Oh so I got confused by the fact that this is on at midnight tomorrow and thought we were playing on Wednesday.

Can’t imagine many people will be staying up for this dead rubber.

So midnight tomorrow which is the 2nd ie late Tuesday night? I’m rubbish with times


Apparently we’re lining up with Hulk in The Hof’s pocket from the outset for this match as SIPG still haven’t been able to extract him.


Times like this I really wish we got to unload on these savages at Kogarah. Anyhoo, I’ll take our best XI please:


Rhyno Gowser Wilko Zulls

Caceres Brattan Hof Milos

Trent Ivanovic

If Gowser or Brattan aren’t fit then of course sub in Warland or Flottmann and Retre or Zuvela. Kosta and ABJ to get their long overdue splinters.

Id give Grant a rest and play VDS. Warland at CB. Chuck on King, Ivanovic, Swibel after 60. Wood after 75.

Yeah that’s how I go. It would be good for King to get a full game before we start the season, plus we’re playing again later this week so need to spread the load a bit.

Rotate / play yoof in the final game, that’s the one with the shortest turnaround and against the weakest opposition. :wink:

The Hof gets another run tonight. Kosta still in the starting XI.

Excited to see bratts and little bratts playing together.

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Retre and Zullo just rested for this one I guess?


Hope the lad is OK.

Not good.

Fuck that was nasty

Horrible horrible stuff. Hope hes okay.

Does though once bring in to question the lack of proper concussion protocols

Wilkinson! 1-0. Lets not lose the lead this time

Nice delivery.

Ooooof! Bratts