ACL MD5 - Sydney FC vs Jeonbuk - 28-29/4/22

Definitely no point staying up for this one. If I’m not mistaken, we are all but mathematically eliminated at this point.

Jeonbuk won their other game against the Vietnamese team. All we’re fighting for at this point is not finishing in last place.


Make it stop already


All that’s left of this season is saying farewell and thank you to some wonderful club players this Saturday, in parallel with a hearty fuck off and good riddance to Kogarah and the 2021-22 season.

Then it’s on to watching as a neutral except for hoping to see Poppa again fail to win the seat.


Next Saturday, we’re playing our last ACL game this Saturday.

Thanks Jubal. I would have looked a right dickhead turning up unnecessarily at a place I hate being at in the best of times.


Vietnam’s not that bad, surely.

Corica doesn’t think so: “We’ve a number of players suffering from gastro at the minute but we know if we win our remaining two games we can still finish second.“

We need to win both, then hope Marinos also beat Jeonbuk in what would be a G6 dead rubber for them, for us to finish ahead of Jeonbuk on H2H (we’d have 4 points to their 1 in those games). Then hope that 8 points is somehow enough to qualify as one of the better 2nd placed sides.

Can’t see it, although it is part of our ACL formula to finally win a game at the end of the group stage, further reinforcing the hard luck narrative and giving the club mistaken belief that we actually ARE good enough to challenge.


It’s kinda ironic some of the players are also giving me gastro


Barbara has been giving me the shits for months



Worst ACL campaign I could remember. Just garbage football!

Jesus. What next?

Cursed season

Like, who could have seen that coming?

Did they pick up the Gastro in Vietnam, or back home

There is a gastro bug floating around at the moment.

I just want to know whether Scott Jamieson will be available or whether Steve Corica will have to call on Alvin Ceccoli


Redmayne / Grant Donachie McGing Talbot / Cáceres Amini Yazbek Ninković / Narsingh ALF

Narsingh over Wood and Segečić with nothing to play for is criminal.

He is trying to get sacked

That’s an improvement over last game but still no way I’m staying up to watch Offers go around again.