ACL MD6 - Hoang Anh Gia Lai vs Sydney FC - 1/5/22

I mean honestly, why aren’t we just playing all our kids here?

Honestly? You know why.

We have an ultra conservative coach.

Big crowd for a dead rubber. One can only assume there’s fuck all to do on a Sunday night in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Jeez the pitch I played on in AA13s this weekend looked better than this, and that had a cricket pitch half way across it.


#CoricaOut. I’m in.

We’ve been peach banh-mi’d


Were fucking terrible

That’s it . No more picanha or pho.

And that’s it! Corica and the master plan.

Well I guess sucks to be everyone else in the group, it looks like all the games against us don’t count for anything because we’re finishing fourth.



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Sydney single handily bringing down Aus ranking

Are we that bad or is it a bigger reflection on the relative weakeness of the A-League…?

AFC Cup has better away trips.


That one.

This team is just broken. Motivation, confidence, just totally shot.

It makes it even more confusing that we’re not giving more kids a run at this stage.


I think we are bad and tactically weak.

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I think our give a fuck factor is at zero

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Can we officially declare now that joining the AFC was a disaster? Can we rejoin Oceania and go back to giving Auckland City a pasting?

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