ALM Discussion - Round 2 - 2023-24

No post WWC crowd bump at Parramatta

Top bins from Brook

Poor THB. Not having a good start.

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Big Paul McCartney fans out west. Luvin’ that blue collar Scouse blood.

At least their team can score.
Poor THB though.

Good on Nix.

We might get something out of our games against Western.

I’m feeling better about last night now (a little bit)

They’re 3 points above us

Don’t worry, there’s still 10k there…

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Really generous of THB to give Redders the vote of confidence as our club’s first choice keeper.

When is the derby again

We might do you guys favour and sack corcia

5 first half goals? Is that a record for an a-league team?

When was the last time any club scored 5 in one half*
Amateur shit from WUN.

Never, not in the first half at least.

Calm your tits “truth teller”, “fact provider”, invader of rival forums. Watch your game.


Imagine WUN losing 5-nil or by more here and we’re still fucking below them.

It’s a first half record.
But you don’t get a trophy for it yet.


2009 Spurs energy. I expect the doco episode to stream soon.

Seriously don’t give him dopamine. It’ll hurt him more if you don’t reply.

I liked how you edited Gus but not Corcia. Is he related to Duran?

I like how I get accused of being obsessed with these c**ts for mentioning them in context, but it’s perfectly acceptable to have a bloke who trolls the Cove forum since 2019, including half-time during their own home game.

Corica’s on pretty thin ice but he’s weeks, rather than nearly a decade, from a trophy. It’s not the highest level trophy but it certainly beats no trophy.

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I’m sorry.

Now apologise for the Spurs comment!

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