ALM - Round 16 Discussion - 2023/24

Rudan is the perfect man to represent the Victims.

Both managers interviews were a great way to end the round.

Small round up of Rudan’s…

  • Red card " No comment"
  • 2nd yellow to red " No comment"
  • Chairman " Good I’m glad the whole club feels together"
  • General comment " Establishment, if you go against the establishment this is what happends."

It’s a summary, he may or may not have said these exact words, recommend watching yourself. Pause and rewind on P+ :wink: :grin:

Them playing the victim card is ironically as good as it gets for them, they’d be eating this up. I suspect they enjoy it more than actually winning anything. Let them have it I say.



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The establishment that he is 1/12th of. I bet there are a lot of morons lapping it up though.


Is Lederer complaining that Russell didn’t get sent off earlier?

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Assume he’s trying to ensure the fans don’t turn on him by acting like as big a cock as his manager

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Whine like your fans.


All jokes aside, just watched tonight’s presser and Rudan makes it sound like he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown.

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He strikes me as someone who has watched a lot of Jocko willink but misunderstood what the hell he was talking about.

From the limited bits I’ve seen of him Badolato looks like he’s got something about him. There are some good young striking prospects about the league at the moment. Really hope they can all kick on.

Kittel’s ball delivery is going to cause some serious problems.

Just watched the presser now.

His ‘example’ of being backed in to a corner and taking the punches but not backing down is slightly different from the example of 'Roll with the punches".

Collins dictionary: to not allow difficulties or criticism to discourage you or affect you badly . He has impressed all sides by his ability to negotiate and willingness to roll with the punches.