ALM Squad Speculation Thread 2023/24

It’s very possible they both went to Endeavour, which I think is where a decent number of our academy guys end up going.

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They did

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Yea they both went to Endeavour. I got that photo from Endeavours FB account.

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Shire boys represent!


Patty Wood gone for 12 weeks. That fucking sucks. We should be ok with Gomes, Kucharski and Glasson, but still, that fucking sucks for Patty.

Ah crap

Fark, aggravated a stress fracture that he’d been monitoring for 4 weeks… Surely not the best decision to play someone with an injury like that in the first place?

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He was playing with a stress fracture? I’m sure some people better qualified than me will say whether that’s doable or not, but I find that absolute fucking madness. What was the club thinking?

The game last weekend could well have been the last time we’ll see him in a Sydney shirt. It’d be hard for him emotionally as he would have wanted to make up for that miss as soon as possible. Now he has at least 3 months to ponder it and maybe another whole off season, what a nightmare.

That said I can see he’s still on contract for 24/25 but surely we’d be willing to part ways with him for free and he’s also be happy with that to possibly get more game time elsewhere. He’s been rumoured to leave the last 2 transfer windows.

Not surprised having to walk home from Gosford aggravated that kinda injury.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Wood sees out his contract but really Talay should (and probably will) be looking to replace him in the starting line-up with a better player who can still press and harry as well as Wood does. I just wouldn’t start Wood unless the other senior striker options are all injured.

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I believe it was a rumour on here from someone in the know, but I think he was going to head out in Jan, only thing that kept him here was Mak was injured for a while.

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We started Wood with a stress fracture whilst benching a better player?

I …

Social media people getting to make a Return of the Mack reference


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You think hes actually ok and just taking time off from fooball due to all the online bullying from last week?

Yeah I must say my medical professional eyebrow is raised extremely high at the idea of playing football with stress fractures.

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This is the same medical team that said that Calum Nieuwenhof wasn’t good to go, yeah?


Sydney FC - proud employer of Belize medical school graduates.

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Pretty sure if there was a competence issue the team management would have it dealt with.