ALM Squad Speculation Thread 2023/24

JCP, JGR (and Segecic) all called up to the Olyroos for the U23 Asian Cup. Squad assembles on the 8th and our group games are 15/4, 18/4 and 22/4. Probably means we only see JGR after the cup is over.

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Do we know if JGR can sit out his ban while playing for the Olyroos?

Losing both JGR and JCP for a month is rough, if we make it to the final.

I assume they can. We play league games regardless while they’re away.

If he has to wait until returning before serving the suspension, it’ll just confirm what a tinpot league this is.

We’re due to have Segecic back from loan at the end of the season aren’t we?

Dont think thats how a ban would work. Itd be a pretty silly loophole to serve a ban for a game youre not playing in anyway

Thats like saying that if he pulled a hamstring whilst fouling and would be injured he shouldn’t serve the ban…

100% the suspension should count if the player is on junior international duty. Otherwise Sydney would be well within their rights not to release him so his suspension gets served before the finals


None of this is relevant, anyway. Our next game is against Newcastle on Sunday, and the Olyroos go into camp on Monday. So JGR will have already served his suspension before going away.

Yep and Talay said after the Mariners game that we have them for the Sunday game, then they go into camp on Monday.

13.8 Where a Participant misses an A-League Match or Matches and/or FFA Cup Match or
Matches as a result of serving national team duty during the period of his suspension, that
A-League Match or Matches, or FFA Cup Match or Matches, shall not be not credited as a
match served in his suspension.

The point of the suspension is to punish the player and the team. for a player’s dangerous conduct. In terms of injury, as far as I can see, if a player is injured, they’re ineligible to be chosen for the team so their suspension wouldn’t be served for that game. It’s obviously up to the club to decide but it could prove to be a slippery slope if the club was to claim a player was fit, serve his suspension and then claim injury, especially if they were to get caught out.

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Well there you go… I hope the club doesn’t release him for international duty then so his suspension gets served before the finals

It is funny that we may well have to slot one of our visa players in for a kid from the academy and we are concerned about that


JGR given one match ban, to be served against Newcastle this weekend


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Wouldn’t expect it to be more, would you?

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At least Lacerda is back and now has some minutes in his legs to get back up to speed.


Not at all, clear one match. Just love the timing, following on from the above discussion. We play Sunday so that game counts as it, then he’s on NT duty from Monday and free to play on his return.

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Was his first red card this year a direct red card or 2 yellows?

Not sure how it’s not a minimum 2 game ban.

Didn’t they changed reds a while ago so it was only an automatic one match ban with an upgrade available after the disciplinary panel reviewed the weekends matches?

I thought it was going to be two games too, but I’m not sure why. This is from 2016 so it has been one game for a while; I also looked back at my SFC stats and couldn’t find any cases where a second straight red copped an automatic two games.

The national regulations allow it to be league-specific. In WA it would be two games

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It’s 2 games in FFNC as well, that’s why I was surprised he only got 1.
I thought it was a standard rule across all Associations.