ALM Squad Speculation Thread 2024/25


#??) Marin France
#27) Hayden Matthews
#29) Joe Lacey
#31) Tiago Quinta
#33) Lachie Middleton


#4) Jordan Courtney-Perkins
#10) Joe Lolley
#12) Corey Hollman
#16) Joel King
#19) Mitch Glasson
#21) Zac De Jesus
#23) Rhyan Grant
#24) Wataru Kamijo
#28) Nathan Amanatidis
#30) Gus Hoefsloot (scholarship)


#1) Andrew Redmayne
#3) Aaron Gurd
#7) Adrian Segecic (on loan to FC Dordrecht}
#13) Pat Wood
#17) Anthony Caceres (1)
#18) Matthew Scarcella (Scholarship)
#22) Max Burgess
#25) Jaiden Kucharski


#6) Jack Rodwell
#8) Jake Girdwood-Reich
#9) Fábio Gomes (on loan from Atletico Minero)
#11) Robert Mak
#15) Gabriel Lacerda (on loan from Ceará SC)
#20) Adam Pavlesic
#26) Luke Brattan


#??) Boris Céspedes

(1) length of contract unknown

Last Edited: 13 June 2024

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Fucking hell. Of that “off contract” list the first one I’d sign is Talbot.*

*= King aside, he’s on contract for life.

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I’d sign Brattan if his injury is ok. Hard to think of anyone else. Maybe Wood or Rhyno


Yay, I’ve been wanting this thread to pop up for about a month now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if come curtains on the season Alfie calls his retirement. I know he’s got a year left on his contract, but since he returned from India he’s been a shadow of his former self, and looks more miserable than a English winter.

His performances aren’t doing his confidence any good, and he seems to be getting worse with each game. That miss tonight, was inexcusable at this level.

He’s been excellent as a whole for us, but I think he’s just hit that wall where his body is saying no more, and he’s trying to push through it and not getting anywhere.

Just for completeness, do we know for sure that Corica is off contract this off season as well?

Out of all the players off-contract, the only players I’d be keeping are Redmayne, Grant, Talbot, Brattan (hopefully his injury hasn’t knocked off some of his speed/skill), The Hoff (hopefully his back injury is better), Mlinaric, Pavelesic and Patty Wood (if he doesn’t sign with a club that will actually play him!)

Heward-Belle has been decent, so I’d be OK if we dropped Redmayne and kept HB and Pav as our 2 main keepers.

But the rest can scoot. Ninkovic and Bobo can retire with dignity and a Bronze Statue.


Yeah I agree with all of that except for Redmayne. His purple patch of form has long since passed

Add Segecic to the list and I’m happy for you to have the keys to Sky Park. :wink:

I hate the idea of Milos and Wilko going out like this, shit season at a shit stadium, and not being part of the homecoming. Some tough discussions to be had, if they even feel up to going around again.

At least we’ve got foreign and marquee slots to play with. We need a new spine, CB, CM and #9 as priorities. That process should already be under way, but yeah, we probably need to sort Bimbi’s situation before making those key signings.

Yeah, it’s a tough one for mine. He’s certainly slipping in terms of his consistency. I think that started slipping when he had a kid. I remember he had a week or two off and the game he came back against, you could tell the guy hadn’t slept in about a week (which I’m about to discover myself).

But he has become a bit of a club legend, that’s why I’d be saying a 1-year contract but make it a rotational contract like in FM, so that HB and Pav can get more game time.

Fine by me. I haven’t really seen a lot of the lad to be fair, what I have seen has been decent. Chuck all the younglings in, for at the very least so we don’t go copping more fines/point deductions because we don’t have enough kids warming the pine.

If we’re going for a rebuild then go all out and get new blood, and a new coach to play a new system.

As mentioned in previous posts there’s a few players to keep but we need a good shake up.

99% sure his contract is up at the end of this season.

Sydney FC Head Coach Steve Corica has extended his contract with the club by a further two years, which will see him remain in the Sky Blues’ hot-seat until the end of Hyundai A-League 2021-22 season.

I’m torn between giving him another season and letting him try re-build the squad, and letting him go so we can begin a new dynasty. My biggest fear is that he basically re-signs the majority of the players off-contract, and we just see a rinse/repeat of this year. His first contract to re-sign would be Retre on a 3-year deal, and probably Barbarouses on another 2-years. Just the thought of it makes me wanna stick my fingers down my throat.


Serious questions need to be asked about his vision for the next couple of seasons, and the types of players he wants to sign if he stays on board.

For me, I was Corica out when he was leaning against a wall, looking completely lost and clueless while we were down 2-0 to the Wanderers a couple of months back.

And indications I’ve been given is there is expectation he’ll get another season.

Why would Alfie retire.

He is getting paid to sit around and do nothing for another year

It would be terrible to start the season in the new stadium with retre, Kosta, booohayer, and Alfie starting… We would end up like the wanderers and never get our fans back

Looking at the Out of Contract players I would assume that Wilkinson and Ninkovic are retiring. After that there are the players (mostly youth yet to be tried) who I would keep

#1) Andrew Redmayne
#21) Harry Van Der Saag
#23) Rhyan Grant
#24) Corey Hollman *
#25) Callum Talbot
#29) Anton Mlinaric (on loan to Brisbane Roar)
#30) Adam Pavlesic *
#31) Adrian Segecic *
#33) Pat Wood
#35) Liam McGing*

It must be assumed that some of those youth players may move to other teams to get more game time. Then there are players who I would keep if they weren’t so prone to injury.

#7) Michael Zullo
#19) Chris Zuvela
#26) Luke Brattan
#28) Calem Nieuwenhof

That’s a lot of players who, if they got injured mid-season would be difficult to replace, I think Brattan and The Hoff are worth the gamble.

Then there are players I would reserve judgement on until we find out who the new signings are

#2) James Donachie
#6) Mustafa Amini

Which leaves those players who I think need to be thanked for their service and we all wish well in their new endeavours

#8) Paulo Retre
#9) Bobô
#11) Kosta Barbarouses
#12) Trent Buhagiar
#??) Luciano Narsingh

I think the first priority in new signings has to be a striker who can bang in at least 20 a season. We seem to be blessed with young midfielders emerging from the Academy so unless Luke Modric wants to experience the Sydney lifestyle on minimum coin I think we are all good there. We also need a peak McGowan/Wilkinson CB pairing.

I would not be unhappy if we switched to a 4-2-3-1 and never played 4-2-2-2 again.

I have never heard of a player/human being breaking a contract to give up free money.

Closest was Brosque when he signed for minimum wage in his last season, but even then that wasn’t for free.


Professional sportsballers do it all the time.

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You’re dreaming mate.

Alfie is going to enjoy his $800,000 to the last game he is contracted to us for.

He will miss sitters alongside booohayer

Really? They just decide to retire instead of sit on the bench collecting free money? That’s surprising but interesting if true, it would be the opposite of human nature.

I would be comfortable thanking Redders for his service and going with THB and Pav

Rhyno gets a contract until retirement, what we save on it makes sense…

Ninko, hopefully, joins the club as a coach or ambassador

Tallbut, Bratts, Wood, Hof, Amini & Burgess to be given new contracts but other than that, lets go for a complete rebuild whilst playing people in the correct positions in a new formation