Asian Cup 2019 - games not involving Australia


Inevitably China has taken the lead.



Real game of two halves that one. Thought Kyrgyzstan were good value in the 1st half but went to pieces after 1-1.


The Philippines are giving Korea a lot of trouble at the moment.


Just Googled the half-time score in the Japan team. Turkmenistan are up 1-0.


If it stays like that I won’t feel so bad about losing to Jordan.


Too bad it didn’t. Japan 2-1 in front and totally in control of this half.

By the way, that Turkmenistan goal looked pretty mint. Well worth a look at the replay later.


Thailand vs Bahrain about to start. I’ve just heard something I have never heard before and doubtless will never hear again … a commentator just described Chris Beath as one of the best referees in world football :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thailand have been terrible, yet are somehow a goal ahead. Really clean strike from Songkrasin.


Switched it off at half time. That was some dreadful football.


Let’s go draw!


So Thailand and Syria have now both sacked coaches mid comp. That seems very rare!


Pretty sure this kind of thing is relatively common in Asia. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not the only ones to sack their coach in the group stage of this competition.


Remember Loptegui being sacked on the eve of a world cup but can think of it having during a world cup or euros. Whats weird is Syria can still go through.

South Korea have also not really got going this cup. Following a 1-0 win over Phillipines, they beat Kyrgyzstan 1-0 also. Theyre sitting behind China, who they play next, who have a GD of +4 against the same opponents


Didn’t South Korea start in a similar vein during the last Asian Cup? In fact, they won their group with three 1-0s. I think we’ll see them go harder towards the end of the tournament. It was a pretty good tactic last time.


Yeah, isn’t Son only turning up for the knockouts?


Yep he has another game at Tottenham and then is flying out, so will be there for the knock-outs.


Oman were so unlucky against Japan. Bad penalty call for Japan’s goal and Oman probably should’ve had one at the other end. The other two games overnight went pretty much as expected.


Well fuck me if the new format hasn’t been a rousing success :roll_eyes:. Group’s C, D, E and F are all playing dead rubbers for the final games after the top two seeds in each group won their first 2 games. Only India, really, have surprised anyone with their first up win over Thailand.


The top 4 3rd place teams go through so it’s not over yet.


Yeah I realised that afterwards. Still goes to show the serious lack of quality in the competition I think.