Asian Cup 2023 - Back to Qatar.... again

No schadenfreude here!

Alireza khan’s plan is falling into place.

Iran wins the tournament.

Alireza is announced as the new leader of the Quds force by the Supreme Leader.

Israel Surrenders in sheer disbelief.

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Israel will soon know the full price of talking back to Alireza!

Shows what I know. Jordan!

Just watched the highlights. Korea gave the ball way a crazy amount. We might have infected them somehow. They still had enough decent to good chances to win it too.

Good finishes from Jordan though.

What a dud Asian Cup this has turned out to be.

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I look forward to the conspiracy theories form fellow Persians about the Arab (Kuwaiti?) ref, even if only Iran got a pen and there was 13 additional minutes upon which another 4 were added, and Qatar still seemed pretty up for playing rather than wasting time.

Anyway…Fix the country, let women properly into stadiums with restrictions, then fix the underachieving in Asia since the 70s.

I guess…go Jordan? Much prefer a fairytale to Qatar going back-to-back, especially after being gifted the hosting of another major tournament. Would have been nice to have an east or central Asian team in there.

Akram Afif is a hell of a player for such a small country to produce. 300,000 citizens.

Anyway, hopefully Jordan can do the job!

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Three penalties! Who’d have thought

I haven’t seen them but I’m sure they were all stone wall 100% penalties

And five lengthy VAR reviews.


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23 Jordanians have new homes to go home to after this tournament I’m guessing