Asian Cup: Australia vs Uzbekistan 23 January

Ever been to Eastwood?

The average central Asian is definitely more Asian than Duke.

They dumped the giant.

I quite like this line up actually. Put in Duke up top and I’m not sure I’d change a lot.

Great run from McGree but a terrible final decision. Still we dont have that running without him.


Not sure how great my memory really is but I feel like I always enjoy when we play the Uzbeks. They’re like the SE Asian teams. They try to play and not much bullshit.

The way that Simon says Souttar :man_shrugging:

Yeah I do remember some good games against them. I feel like they used to (still do?) have this one super quick and direct winger who was great fun to watch.

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The commentators need to zip it about not conceding. Jinxy Hill

Paramount has a pair of poms who aren’t bad.


except on a similar note - one of them pronounces Irvine weirdly and its annoying me

English Simon saw a Scot and thought he’d add insult to injury.

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Well all the other teams players have so many syllables, they’re just trying to even the ledger.

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Hah now that you said it I noticed Row-els too. Though that one is forgivable I think!

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What has happened to Atkinson? He looks a shadow of the player he was in the A-League on the ball.

He has been quite unimpressive for quite some time. I would much prefer Miller get a run at RB


whats going on with Harry’s passing today

We’re asking to concede one off the turnover

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Yeah just riding our luck, plus some last ditch defending. We look very disjointed through the middle and when playing out.

They really should have put something away there.