Aussies Abroad- Wheres Arzani?


Nah Nolan absolutely stuffed up last season. When they started shithouse they had every reason to punt him.


This time last year he was under pressure too, but he busted out just enough cliches about working hard, sticking together and believing in his players that they went on a decent run.


When Kewell was appointed after Nolan’s sacking I recall reading that supporters were generally in Nolan’s favour and the season before had been good. But I can’t by any stretch claim to have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in League two - it was just something reported in articles when Kewell was hired.


Busted out cliches ? Dont let your dislike of someone get in the way if you have absolutely no clue what is going on.


Go dig up his post-match interviews from when the Crawley fans wanted him out.


He’ll be back in work in no time, probably at Swindon.


Would be good from a Squires perspective!


Kewell has always been a cliche machine, though, for better or worse. Don’t need to dislike him to call that out for what it is.


Looks like Harry is now fully embedded in the English Football merry-go-round… No doubt he’ll find another gig soon enough. Hope he keeps adapting and improving. Seems to have the temperament and manager ability to keep trucking.


George Timotheou came off the bench for Schalke 04 when they met Russian side Zenit St Petersburg during the international break on Sunday.


Maybe Hrustic gets a seat on the plane to the Asian Cup ahead of both Kruse and Goodwin? At least ahead of Kruse.


Mooy scored the only two goals to give Huddersfield a much needed win over Wolves.


Both are pretty tidy too


Leckie also scored for Hertha on the weekend too. An on going concern is the lack of game time for Sainsbury leading into the Asian Cup


Eli Babalj is playing in India ATK sign Australian forward Eli Babalj


Wow what a step down. I’d still say he is serviceable here and would make some starting elevens.


I know he’s off the NT picture now, but Jedinak has not played 1 minute since Dean Smith came in. He’s 5th in line for CM (even Glenn Whelan is back in front), isnt making the bench anymore and i doubt he’ll get played at CB again.

Quite the drop off since Bruce was punted. He has to be moving somewhere in Jan.
Turkey? Middle East?


It would be great to see him come back here.

Edit: by which I mean Australia


Boyle scored again last night:


So Ange’s team stayed up and he is likely to get a two year contract extension:

David Villa will also be going there next season.