Aussies Abroad- Wheres Arzani?


nice run and classy finish by Mabil again.


Go you good thing


Interesting article on someone I had completely forgotten about, James Holland:


I thought he was Dutch.

boom tish


Sainbury finally got a start for PSV in the league this weekend and they won 6 nil. Not sure if it was through squad rotation or injury though. A few more starts would be nice leading into the AC


Bozanic seems to have forced himself into Hearts starting 11. Still lacking Naismith though. Goal and assist in the last two.


This is a pretty massive blow:


Well that’s shithouse.

Antonis is in some hot form at the moment, maybe worth a look in?


Absolutely that Antonis has to go now. Not to play, mind, just to fuck Kevin Muscat over.


Why stop there? Call up Deng & Troisi too.


They have Ansell and Baena. They’ll cope.


Why stop at just Antonis, Deng and Troisi? Get in Thomas as third choice keeper and bring Valeri in too for experience in midfield.

In fact those first three would actually have a chance of playing. Thomas going all the way to be third choice would be great.

And also either get Cambodia in the cup somehow or get Honda out of itnernational retirement


Antonis will be a huge loss to them. He has been involved in almost everything for them.


Or we can just let Bozza pick the Socceroo squad.


“But why can’t I pick Honda?”


“Fuck it. Josh Hope it is, then.”


“Birkan Kirdar is the next Viduka but better”


Greater role for Amini with Mooy out. Maybe even see James Holland back in the mix? He’s playing well and regularly in Austria again.


Sainsbury started for PSV. 1-1. Put in a solid shift save for Icardi getting away for his goal.


Some coaches frown upon such things.