Aussies Abroad- Wheres Arzani?


So… where does Mooy go after Huddersfield get relegated?


I feel like a Bournemouth would suit him well.


I wouldn’t mind seeing him at CCM.:grin:


I can see another premier league team picking him up. Such as shame for Huddersfield, they’ve been playing well, but lack a goal scorer. Maybe they can fix it in January?


He’ll definitely have suitors in the top flight - should be able to get offers from a few mid-table clubs.


Newcastle. I want to see him and Jonjo Shelvey in the same midfield. It’ll be like Coneheads.


Callum elder has gone to Ipswich on loan which is good to see


I’d be amazed if Elder is not in the A-League in a couple of years. He’s really not made it at the required level for him to justify staying overseas.


Really hope Degenek doesn’t go to Al Hilal.


Sounds like a done deal. Dollars talking too loudly to be ignored it seems.


Is there a sigh emoji?


Wonder how much pressure Red Star are putting on him to move as well? They’d be wanting the cash from the transfer.


I know I’ve said it before but the moment a player signs for a Middle Eastern club (or perhaps even a Chinese club), it should mark the end of a player’s international career until they move back to some league that may indicate some sort of ambition from said player. It’s been clear for a long time that moving to a club in either of those regions is not a stepping stone to a bigger club or league. Usually its quite the opposite.

While Juric isn’t the best Socceroo even in this group, I can respect him trying to make it in a middle-quality league in Europe as opposed to making ridiculously easy millions in China when he had the chance. We have too many Socceroos taking the easy money and its really hurting the national team long-term. Troisi is a chief offender and that’s one reason I shed absolutely no tears for his omission from the Socceroos in recent years.


Saudi league is the strongest of the west Asian leagues (by quite a margin) but obviously a step down from Red Star (Europa League and ECL, domestic league is probably not amazing, not my area though) so it isn’t as bad as it could be. One thing I’ve often thought about is whether centre backs learn from playing in some of the $$$s leagues. A lot of these sides have very good foreign strikers so those matchups for Degenek, Jurman, etc would probably be quite hard work. Kruse in China is different though, up against local fullbacks and the fact that he is scum.


100% in favour of shunning all players who move to the Middle East or China.

Saudi Arabia is a particularly heinous move - every guy who moves there ends up frozen out, with a wages unpaid for months and ends up going to FIFA trying to claw back their salary.


Is playing champions league really that great when you get pumped 7-0 every game


Theres a tiny percentage they make it again next season…


Degenek and Zvezda actually did pretty well in their group considering their opponents.


Red Star have done as well as you would expect. Playing for the club you supported as a kid against those sides in some of those stadiums with that song as you walk out… goosebumps. Up against those players he has to learn a thing or 2 as well.


Jorden Lyden played 90 in Oldham’s win over Fulham.
Elder went straight in and played 90 for Ipswich too at RB.
Bailey Wright is back and started for Bristols win over Huddersfield