Aussies Abroad- Wheres Arzani?


Hes now signed a 2 year deal there. Australisch international Gersbach vierde winterse versterking voor NAC | NU - Het laatste nieuws het eerst op


Good news that one, he will hopefully play just about every game there at a decent level. Belgium is a proven springboard as well which may prove good for the rest of his career.


NAC Breda is in the Netherlands, not Belgium but your point stands about springboard for his career. NAC was Arnie’s big club when playing in Europe.


Ah yeah my bad. I’ll just stick to Lowlands in future.


Looks like Alex Gersbach has made his debut for NAC Breda over the weekend. Played the full game but they lost 3-0 to De Graafschap. NAC Breda seem at a really low ebb at the moment. There were some comments that he was poor but has also only been with the club a very short time so needs time to get used to his team-mates. I wonder where else that happened yesterday …


He’s fast but has nothing on the end of it. Oh wait, wrong thread :wink:


Jedinak started for Villa this morning and was terribly bad. First time in forever. Could barely pass, lost most challenges and never broke out of a jog. Hooked at 60 mins 3 down and Villa draw 3-3 against Shef Wednesday.


I saw a video on YouTube ( so it must be true!) that Jedi was on 50k pounds a week.


Juric is bring forced out of Luzern:


I’ve seen 45k multiple places. He signed that big deal off his peak season under Pulis at Palace. Villa were the only club who could afford his wage in the championship back then. Hes loving life.


Juric has been told he is unwanted and must train alone


new western wyndham geelong athletics united signing?


Here’s maybe one to watch:


Brendan Rodgers heading to Leicester City, wonder if he’s gonna try bring Rogic in the next transfer window.


they already have a younger, better and not yet injury prone 10 in Maddison.


Why would he? For the league cup games?


I dunno, Rodgers seems to froth on Rogic.


Taggart scored on debut for Suwon in their 2-1 loss to Ulsan. You can see the goal here:


I think this is the place to put this - Harrison Sawyer wrote a little blog on what it was like to play against a North Korean team in an AFC competition.


Arzani has started easing back into training. Without any setbacks they reckon he might be good to for the start of the next season in August.