Aussies Abroad- Wheres Arzani?


It might all depend on who the new coach is though.


I see that Jake McGing has started the last two games in Poland and played the whole of each game. Fair cop, I didn’t think he’d play at all so good on him for giving it a go and making it work.


It would be easy to say they will find out his ability level soon enough, but I also have to ask how strong the Polish league is these days compared to others? As a squaddie, the money there wouldn’t be that much bigger than here, would it?

He can really only hope to impress and see if he can get into a bigger league over in Europe in a few years.


Juric going to Indonesia? Surely a strange move that?


He really should have made the China move at the time


For the dollars? Yes. But I admire him at least for not making the easy option of big dollars in China for a year and damaging his career, unlike Sainsbury.


He’s taller than the goalkeeper for fucks sake!!


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Play him up front. Let’s take football back to the 90s.

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Look at him next to Gersbach! I know he’s not tall but he looks like a 10 year old next to this dude.


Brad Smith is killing it at Seattle. Good to see with Behich useless at PSV and Gersbach not playing/injured


Didn’t know where else to post it but Bruce Djite has confirmed his retirement. Honestly i didnt know he was still playing.
Hopefully this is the start of a full time pundit career for him, from his appearances on the fox football panel he always comes across as an intelligent and well spoken lad.


I would actually like to see him as a politician. From short snippets I have seen he seems to be interested in improving society and he already has the background of being involved in the players union.


Did you say union?

Another labor thug.


Completely missed this - shame we couldn’t get John Souttar, would’ve strolled into the Socceroos first XI.


Brighton looked like they secured their spot in the premier league next season


Danny Vukovic and Genk are 4 points away from being Belgian champions, with 4 games to go.


I think it’s actually 7 points because Brugge have a game in hand. Here’s hoping Bruges lose their big match vs Anderlecht tonight


They have a weird play-off structure over there. Long story short, Genk are 6 points clear in the play-off with 4 games to go.


Not a name I am familiar with, but Harry Sawyer (22 year old, played 5 games for Newcastle Jets in 2017), who plays for a club in the Philippines but is on loan to Tai Po FC in Hong Kong, just won the Hong Kong Premier League.

Pretty cool life, young dude living and getting paid to play football in a city like Hong Kong.


Genk won again - be epic to see Danny lift a title and some capper for his last few years.