Australian clubs in the ACL - 2019


Unfortunately they managed to get another Ex-Victory oxygen thief on the panel.




My cockles are so warm right now.


What is it with broadcasts from East Asia? The colour is always really washed out and something always looks off.


Sanfrecce are my favourite J.League team and the only non-Sydney FC team I really follow, and usually it is a tale of woe every time they qualify for the ACL. They’ve never put in any effort or value into the tournament, last game for example they made 11 changes to the team that played in the league the weekend before, and only took 6 subs to their game in China.

This team that has openly never given a shit about the ACL still beat Melbourne Victory. This pleases me.


I look forward to seeing Victory’s chances of qualification disappear tonight after Guangzhou Evergrande disembowel them.


Now let’s see if a Melbourne defeat can brighten the evening.


Yep, that’ll do me nicely.


Australia’s shame concedes within six minutes


And so it begins. Talisca beats 3 stationary Victory defenders to a header. 6 mins in. 1-0. Talisca has already hit the angle of post and bar as well.


And a second


I like football.


Talisca is absolutely rimming the fuck out of them. If not for a couple of inches in that free-kick, he would have a hat-trick in the first 10 minutes.


It also has to be said I don’t know how Corey Brown is an A-League starter, never mind at the second-biggest club in the country. FMD


Guangzhou are on fire. Matt Acton is going to be working harder than a McDonald’s employee for these 90 minutes.


Guangzhou are going to score at least 4.


I wish they would show more shots of Kevin Muscat. His current mood would probably be more impressive than anything his team is doing on the field.


Ahhhhhh, I was looking the thread to death ride these cunts in. I hope it’s 5-0.


As a thoroughly balding man I’d just like to through my support behind Cannavaro’s transplants. Incredible stuff


Haha yes keeper error too. Beautiful.