Australian Football Abroad Thread

Sainsbury is still more than good enough to play in Europe and not have to come home. He just has to find a club that plays him regularly. I still question his level of ambition, though. That China move really hurt his career trajectory.

He got paid a mint though didn’t he? Hopefully he’s saved the money or made it grow, otherwise what would be the point?

Hopefully Dykes plays for the Socceroos - he’d automatically be in with a decent shot of being first or second pick up front if he’s any good. Scotland have more talent than we do, so he’d be up against it.

Why do professional footballers always have their ambition questioned when they move to a club people don’t think is worthy? Do you do the same thing when your friends move to a company not in the top tier of their field?

Maybe he just simply likes the town and wants to live in Flanders for a while. Decent wage, nice place to live, less stress. Nothing to do with football.


Belgium is lovely, can’t blame him for wanting to play there. Good league, will keep getting Socceroos caps, lower pressure club

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I work 2 or 3 steps below my level of incompetence because frankly I hate working and don’t need the added bullshit of going past about level 5.

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We’re talking about Sainsbury going to Belgium? My mind is a bit broken with the extended wfh haha

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Striker wise not really. Naismith, Fletcher, Rhodes & Griffiths are all getting on bigttime + injury troubles. Just like with us, if he does alright at QPR, he’d go close to being a main man.

Just took another look and you’re right to an extent. Their attackers are more in the wing/AM role like Christie, McGregor, Burke, Forrestt.

McBurnie looks decent but not very prolific.

Maybe Sainsbury is quite happy not trying to get the very tip top club that he maybe can is the point.

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My absolute favourite player in the UK. Would be a huge laugh.

Dammit sorry again, I was reading the workplace thread, then read your comment, I thought it related to that.

I think i’ll just go now…

Rogic apparently going to Qatar. Absolutely hate this if it happens.

He may be worried he doesn’t have many years left. Like me he may not have the physique for top level football so is taking a safe option for what may be his last contract.

Plus, he’s not actually very good.


Also Celtic were never going to budge without getting at least some cash for him, as well as being on some decent coin. China or the Oil leagues were the only ones who were ever gonna stump up the cash.

Rogic now also linked with a move to Brighton in a deal that would see Shane Duffy go to Celtic

Yeah thats not happening. Does not suit what Potter wants at all.