Australian Footballers Playing Abroad Thread


Most clean sheets in the league also, 14 of them.


The guy that’s played 278 A-League games?

28 for us and 250 for CCM, Welly, Perth and the 'tards?

The guy whose brother once said over a pool table at the Captain Cook that his brother hates us and would never play for us?

That guy?

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Yeah, our guy


Mabil won the Danish Cup, scored a pen in the shootout.


1 point behind Copenhagen with 2 games to go as well


Good stuff. Haven’t heard too much about how he’s doing over there since he came back for his sisters funeral.

EDIT: check out the video of him celebrating after the game on the Fox site. What a champ. :+1:

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Massive love for Mabil - great story of what he’s been through to get to where he is and there’s still plenty to come from him. Could see him kicking onto a bigger club and league soon.


George Timotheou made his debut for the Schalke first team overnight, playing a full game in a 0-0 draw against Stuttgart.


This is fantastic, but alot of the ‘not good enough for the a-league’ stuff coming from it is dumb and ridiculous.

People here would know more than me about his time with us, but it’s extremely simplistic to spout that stuff 3+ years after the fact. People don’t know his situation, mindset or form at the time.


Also, it was last game of the season for a Schalke team safe from relegation and contesting nothing, against a team that was already guaranteed its final position on the table as well (in the relegation playoff place).

Don’t get me wrong it’s great news and good luck to him but it was almost the definition of a meaningless game - we’ll have to see whether he plays when the season starts again and the points still matter - he hasn’t gone from “a-league reject” to “Bundesliga stalwart” just yet.


Of course, but it is good to see that he has been recognised sufficiently for his efforts in the second team to get that opportunity. There is still a lot of ground to cover for him to get into the squad more permanently. Maybe a loan move next season for him would really help him.

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Blimey, check out number 6! Paartalu is on some good coin, he would have to be our highest paid player based on this.


Bloody hell, paying that much for Paartalu! I’d play for Mogadishu FC for that sort of coin.


How the absolute shit does Paartalu get ~$160k a week, especially in India!?


Good luck to him but it’s absolutely insane. There are loads better HAL players than him. Maybe Brosquey should do a season there to top up his super


Gotta be that Arsenal move finally.


I may have missed it but I just stumbled upon this Gersbach feature that I can’t remember seeing on here.


Thought Milligan would have kicked on at Hibs for sure after the season he had there.


Sounds pretty hard by. The statement given is basically “hes good but hes the old guys signing so i dont want him”


In good news sounds like Behich is set for a medical at an unnamed turkish side accoridng to TWG