Australian National Team Thread - #ArnieOut!

Anyone thinking of attending that match might do well to study the history of Indonesian ‘ultras’. If their national team supporters are anything like their club supporters, caution might be advised.

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Indonesian Ultras are off the fucking chain. They make South American and Eastern European ultras look like 15 year old Eshays. .


I went to an ACL match in 2016 and this is how many active supporters turned up to a mid-week game.

So they are nothing like WSW supporters.

Had no problems over there, lovely trip.


Urawa active are famously racist.

Was at the same game. Also had no issues and only had good interactions with their fans. Stadium is a solid commute though.

Some good news, the u16’s won the ASEAN Championship.

On penalties against Thailand. 1-1 FT, 8-7 in pens.


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Swamp land & soccer. Sounds like a winner.

The Subway Surfaroos.

Didn’t there used to be a thread for junior national teams??

They are all playing for the nation. Whether you’re 12 or 89.

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Pretty cheap ticket prices for the Gold Coast.
From $29 Adult. Anyone buy any today?

As above I suspect one of the October China and June Japan games will be in Sydney for likely crowd numbers, other in Melbourne.

I know there is for youth… is there a national rep side for over 50 football?

Lol, probably not but there’s always this.

19 nation tournament.

I coach a women’s team that had two players go over there for that tournament. One is 67.


Abandoned their club to play for Australia in the middle of the club season?

I’d bench em on their return.


Make them train with the youth team. The 0’35s.


Next training have them jog-walking laps while the rest of the team do shooting drills.

Sell them to Leeds.