Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


Socceroos are jumping up a class to play a team ranked 99…I wonder if they have a player who can put it in the net?
Or if they are wearing all RED like Liverpool?





Looks like some good changes, Ikonomidis in for Kruse is a hopefully a sign that Kruse is on the outer. Hope Rogic can get a bit more involved, with Irvine likely bombing forward it might open up a bit more space for him to pull some strings in the midfield.


Would be nice if Rogic and MacLaren can contribute. kruse is very much the trendy scapegoat


Very happy with Irvine starting.

Not sure why I feel confident after the aimlessness of the other night, but I’ll take the positives from the friendlies and another good performance from Jordan last night.


Mabil to grab a double


He’s also rubbish!


Agree with this. He cops the blame for every poor performance. He has been in pretty steady decline since Brazil though. Unfortunately we dont have the depth to replace him, Arzani probably would have?


If by trendy you mean for every single one of his 71 caps, then sure, there’s a trend.




Maclaren gifted a fucking goal and he butchered it.


My nana could score from there…


Scott McDonald vibes


Clearly hes trying to outdo McDonalds record


So could mine, and she’s been dead for three years…

Fuck me.


Palestine fans sure as shit know how to get loud


Lovely little ground too.


Only because they’ve got the Fox Sports microphones in front of them…



hopefully he really kicks on with it now