Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


Good on him. Hope it gives him a bit of confidence.


Good boys.


Fuck yes. Lovely pair of goals.


Very nice goals


Yellow for that tackle on Rogic?


Looking so much more dynamic up front with the front three out there.


This Zorilla bloke is nailed on for a red card


The 11th January shall henceforth be a public holiday.


Given a lot more space in midfield, compared to Jordan and Palestine’s backline is a shambles.

Much improved from us though.


This is it. Much more time on the ball than what we were given against Jordan.
Good performance so far but we’re going to struggle against high pressing teams.


Hopefully they’ll build confidence from the way we are playing and get a few more goals.


Irvine is getting screwed. Fuck this ref.


That was a stupid yellow


We’re going to get utterly demolished by the stronger sides in this tournament.


Yeh I hope we dont plan to play Irvine deep in midfield against a good team. I like him but he shouldn’t be there.

Also McLaren is still useless. He cant hold anything up nor link up very well with his wide men. Nabbout is much better all around and Giannou actually knows how to…well, be a striker.


Grant has had a great game. Offers so much more than Risdon. His runs forward make such a huge difference to our attacking play.


They only issue will be against a stronger side Grant can be out of position a lot and stronger teams will be way better on the counter


Neither fullback will be so high against decent teams. They let us by sitting so deep today with 1 centre forward


So what I got out of that is fuck Robbie Kruse off and we score goals.


There were still too many chances squandered in front of goal.
The stronger teams will not give us that many.
The chances must be taken.