Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


When does Arnold bring Giannou on? He’s the only fit option to really change it up in an attacking sense.


I thought Grant could have shown more urgency to stop the cross coming in.


Bit harsh from Bozza to say yes, very close range. Mostly on Degenek imo, he’s gone to shit ever since signing in the Middle East. :wink:

Screamer from Mabil though, just imagine if we had Boyle on the other side…


Gee Grant does not look out of place, haircut aside, at this level. I think his game has really stepped up and he’s made that position his to lose now. His run to keep the defender backing off Mabil for his goal was brilliant!

Might be tough for us to keep him. Thankfully Tratt seems capable but so happy to see Ryan do so well. Good work son.


And Arzani and Leckie…great options and selection headaches.


That was harder than it needed to be


Japan, Korea and Saudi are respectively behind Uzbekistan, China and Qatar on goal difference before their games.

If Japan win, and Korea and Saudi draw, then our half of the knock-out stage could be China, UAE, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Iraq and two third-placed teams. In that scenario, we would avoid all of Japan, Korea, Saudi and Iran until the final.


possibly. Syria had it all to play for though and showed that. They aren’t mugs at football and gave it everything they had. You have to respect that and credit them for it. We’ve shown that in the past against better opposition. The ability to step up and just want it, only to come away empty handed thanks to the oppositions extra bit of class. The Aussie lads did the job tonight and will be better for it next match.


We really needed to put that third goal away instead of dicking around.

Such a strange game. Very good in patches, terrible in others. Rhyan Grant is excellent.


I couldn’t be assed to stay up last night so just watched the highlights which you can find here:

I’m a bit pissed I couldn’t watch it on Myfootball. Anyway, Mabil’s goal was a superb strike. What was with the referee taking that long to give the penalty? Was it that borderline?


Didn’t the Syrian player trip over his own teammate for that penalty?


Pretty much


Guess we now know we don’t need to invest in Asian referees for the A-league!


I’m still not at all getting this system and how first place would have seen us play another groups first place. Should have just gone eight groups of three but I think they gets less games

as for the game happy to get through. Syria are a tougher side than they’re given credit for. Mabils been a gem of a player and hope he gets a big move off the back of this tournament. Ikon, as a bolter, has been superb and it’s great to see Rogic stand up and boss a game


Pretty sure the ref was from Mexico?



Not sure about Ikon being a bolter though. He had a very poor game last night and pretty much made the wrong decision every time he had the ball at his feet. Lucky to get just barely enough on his goal as well as he does not get a good connection at all.


Pretty sure the ref awarded the penalty to make good his mistake in not awarding a penalty for Milligan’s handball.


All these injuries may be a blessing in disguise for us. Given us a chance to give the likes of Mabil, Ikonomidis, Grant and Irvine extended runs as starters and they’ve all looked pretty good.

Mabil, I just love this guy. What a player, he’s destined for bigger and better things.


He was a bolter for the squad. It was all Goodwin for that spot but he had a good cameo against Jordan, was MOTM vs Palestine and got a good goal here too.


If Nabbout is totally gone, can you call another player in still?
We had 2 genuine attacking options last night on the bench. I know Leckie is coming back and Irvine and even Amini can step up higher, but still…

What’s next we use Gersbach as an out and out forward with our next injury ?