Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


Ah I get what you mean now and I agree.

I don’t think he’s shown quite enough yet though but given injuries he will continue to get game time.


Surely we play Leckie if fit as a striker for the rest of the tournament? You wouldn’t want to move Mabil with the form he’s shown, and Gianno + Maclaren are trash.


Arnie seems to want Leckie playing as the striker anyway, so it makes sense. He mainly plays on the right in a front 3 for Hertha, but the goals he has been scoring are well within the box, and he’s scored a fair few from crosses coming into the box (rather than him just making runs into the area and scoring).


Maclaren the other day (after scoring a header against Palestine) was mentioning how there were critics of his heading ability in the post match interview. This morning demonstrated why he has critics - in an important game he needs to be scoring that chance blindfolded.

Mabil has a much better goals/games ratio than he does, as a wide player.

I just hope I see the day we have a clinical striker inside the 18 yard box that nails even the slightest of chances in front of goal.


1st in the group will play one of 4 best 3rd place teams.


I kept hearing how we’d play Japan in the knockouts if we finished top but I realise that was quarters not round of 16.


It’s a problem we have had off and on since the 90s.


I’ve always rated Maclaren but I reckon Giannou did enough off the bench last night to earn a start. There was more space when he came on but he found it, made good runs and is far more physical.

Not just the header that keeps being highlighted, Maclaren didn’t hit the target with confidence with any of his other numerous chances either, and first touch was also poor on a few occasions.

Far too early to write Jamie off, I hope he gets more games over the next 4 years to elevate above being the next Scott McDonald, but now’s not the time to be playing him into form.


Would agree with this as well.

The positive is We actually created some good chances last night and did look to move the ball quicker. But for Some terrible decision making, especially at 2-1, and it might not have been such a nervous finish.

Hopefully Japan get the win, and results go the right way and we might find ourselves on the weak side of the draw.


Squad for tonight:


Rogic just needs to understand that sometimes if is acceptable to pass the ball instead of trying to dribble past 3 or 4 players. Almost cost us a goal there by being selfish.


Fucked call for Rogic’s yellow card there.


Mabil being wasted playing inside so much.


Can’t fathom that yellow for Tommy. Had a feeling there would be some dodgy calls when I saw the ref is Qatari.


Being outplayed thus far


Our midfielders need to provide much more here. They’ve been quiet all game. I feel Luongo on for Irvine would be helpful here.


What a shit half of football.


One of the worst halves of football I’ve ever seen.


Struggling to stay awake after that half. Really struggling to play through the middle, and when we do possession is often lost


Could be red that