Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


Studs up over the ball could have been red there.


I repeat.


Such a frustrating player


This letting them settle into their defensive shape, with excessive touches and safe sideways passes, before launching a hopeless long-ball is awful.


Clear foul on Ikonomidis there


Leckie and Luongo please Arnie.

The fact that our fullbacks feel like our only real attacking weapons says it all really.


With Milligan and Degenek in the team it feels like we start our attacking transitions with the handbrake on.


I can’t believe this is going to extra time. No way am I staying up for any more of this game.


Fucking hell.


Much better second half as the opposition began to run out of gas


So much inexplicable sideways and backwards passing from Milligan and more surprisingly Irvine. Then the system relies on Rogic to be the only link to the front three and he is barely up to the task really. Is choosing the wrong option far too often.


We’re going to be bundled out on penalties aren’t we…Arnold going all-in with the 2007 nostalgia


I think Luongo should’ve come in for Rogic early in the first half of extra time. He’s done, and some fresh legs through the middle really could’ve helped.


Not enough urgency in possession from half-time when we were on top, and if we lose now we don’t have anyone else to blame.


Oh thank fuck


Woot! Ryan is a boss.


Thank Christ. We made a right hash of tonight.


Barely worth staying up for, and it’s only 10pm here.


That second save from Ryan is the biggest they have ever seen in the UAE. I’m sorry but it is


Irvine cant continue to play deep. He has no confidence playing forward balls out from there.

He’ll be pushed higher next game for Rogic anyway so there’s that. I dont know if we can continue with Maclaren either…