Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


Kinda crazy considering that they were nowhere near the national team 18 months ago.

EDIT: not crazy that you would think that, but crazy that it’s the reality.


Receiving the ball wide and driving toward goal in space is when he always looks like a beast for Celtic.


This is amazing:


Anyone staying up for tonight’s game? I would hope we can get past UAE, but it is always that much tougher against the host nation.


Sleep for a bit, then wake up and watch it. Don’t really want to stay up through the whole night to 5ish.


I’m out boozing in town tonight. Hopefully I can stay awake for it when I get home


I’m absolutely loving being in India (5.5 hours behind) for this summer of football, cricket and more football.


great first half


Yeah, polar opposite to last game. Really fast paced which is what we need.




No idea what degenek was thinking there.


We look very fit and could well run down UAE in the last 20 minutes but our decision making in the final third has been far from good enough. So many times free players have been ignored. We really should’ve had at least a goal or two by now. One in the first half was particularly criminal.

Grant and Ikonimidis have been superb. Even Kruse has looked a lot more active than he has for a few years, but I think Mabil has to come on now.


That’s a really poor miss by Leckie. Great leap from well inside the area, yet misses the target by miles.

Our inability to take advantage of our superior fitness and ball movement is going to knock us out.


NWSW fans will be complaining that Degenek is involved in a match fixing scandal.


If we could get one cunt on the pitch that can put a header on target that would be just swell.


Tactically we got it right tonight. It doesn’t solve the fact we had no players at this tournament capable of delivering a killer ball or being able to finish with any kind of reliability. Not having Mooy at this tournament absolutely killed us.

Absolute madness they let Juma back on the field when he was clearly concussed, although it looked like the UAE trainer was trying to stop him.


Yep. We played well enough, but not enough quality in front third. Apo and Iko both had good games, but McLaren not enough of a weapon. Can’t complain about result. Once we fell behind it was always gonna be a time-wasting joke for the remainder


That was frustrating. Can we at least express post Rhyno back for today’s game? With his engine, I know he’ll be right to play.


Fuck off to Saudi and don’t come back Degenek.


Let’s face it - the yellow shorts have been a disaster. We can’t have a bunch of young athletes going out to represent us kitted out like a canary and expect them to be anything other than the joke they look like.