Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


It’s time to enforce policy. Play in China or the Middle East and you’re done with the NT.

I mean I WAS kidding, but… man that burns given Korea got rolled too. Free pass to the final FFS.


Feel a bit for Arnie, he’s really taken the poisoned chalice with this job. Over half the Aus football community against him from the start due to (mostly) his association with us, despite his successes. He’s then walked into a team who just can’t score and simply look like they have no real solutions to the problem. Even if we won the cup majority of people would have found something to complain about.


^what he said, plus he had all of the injuries to deal with.


Yeah he was walking in at a terrible time and all the injuries didnt help. Still utterly gutting to bow out now when it had opened up and also to see all the Arnie out types vindicated.

He may be saved from the sack because of the Matilda coaching issues though

Also can we finally accept a lot of asian sides are alot better than the public give them credit for?


Yeah this needs to be emphasised too. I thought it during the WCQ campaign and this highlights it. Particularly the West Asian teams.


And looking at teams like Vietnam theyre only getting better. Its our own form of “eurosnobbery” that if we arent palying Japan or Korea the public seems to think the opponents are utterly terrible and must be crushed 5-0


Countries like UAE aren’t getting better through luck. They are investing in facilities, they are investing in player development and they are investing in their football. We can’t expect to get better and continue to beat these teams when their FA want it more and are willing to do more for success than us.


Also they are able to throw as much money as they want at it, don’t have to compete with other sports, and don’t have to be distracted by stuff like women’s programs etc.


On the plus side, it was a cracking game, had to be one of, it not the game of tournament so far.

Nothing new, we have struggled to score for a long time now, and it continues to hurt us. Superhuman Cahil covered this for a long time, and you can guarantee if he was playing this game he would have nabbed at least 1.

Absence of key players before the tournament was always going to make scoring even more arduous.

Quite probable that Rogic’s bizarre suspension removed the one guy who could consistently receive facing forward in dangerous areas.

Without this we accumulated about 100 corners/crosses with no return.

Really gutted watching it, the squad gave absolutely everything.

A little reminiscent of 4 years ago where in similar circumstances, a dominant Japanese team was unable to score decisive goal in the quarter final, and UAE delivered a sucker punch against the games tide.

Tournament football is even more brutal than other formats. UUUURRgghhhhhhhhhhhaaahhhhh


Can’t beleive with Mooy out that Amini didn’t get a minute of play. We suffered from a lack of a playmaker the whole tournament and he just sat on the bench. Should have been on instead of Nabout in this game.

Oh well. I think Arnie will crush WCQ now he’s had a good look at Asian football again and with a full complement of players at his disposal. We can’t have that injury run again surely.


I love how many clueless fucks are calling for Arnie’s head. Any team at this tournament would’ve struggled missing many key players from action, whether it be from an injury keeping them away completely, or the likes of Nabbout and Leckie who were working their way back to fitness.

Before the tournament, I recall saying quarter finals would be a decent achievement considering our circumstances, and it is. Only a lack of killer instinct in front of goal this morning stopped us from going further, and then more than likely put us on a course to the final. Iran should be favourites to win the whole thing now. Iran vs Australia would’ve been incredible, though.


They’re all bitter Wests & Victory fans, save yourself the frustration and ignore their ramblings.


Its sink or swim for GA,he chose the squad and the players who started AND the formation and tactics…3 games against teams rated 60-70 below and no goals.His 2 wins were against a NON country and one thats endured conflict for half a dozen or more years.

That’ll look great on his regime!..Excellent A league coach but he will struggle now.His Japanese gig showed his ability.


It was probably match fixing, that back pass wasn’t a coincidence.

80% of matches are fixed. It is all about money and Degenek already got paid in advance


Surely the most idiotic thing I’ve read on this forum in a long time. It was a bad backpass, sure, but fixing the game? Ridiculous.

You want some match fixing? Here’s some fucking match fixing.


It was a joke


Tragically Mabil’s sister has been killed in a car crash. :disappointed_relieved:




Absolutely gutted for the kid. He is so close to his family.


Fuck that’s awful