Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


I was never a fan, but I hope he gets through it.


I wouldn’t put it past Arnie to call up Troisi for a nothing friendly, then sit him on the bench for 90 mins.


In terms of attacking midfielders.

Ikon proved himself. Kruse deserved his spot playing regularly. Boyle deserved it too (no doubt this is the big one he would be pissed about imo) then Irvine & Rogic.

Where Jame?


He’s certainly had a decent month. But killing it against shitcunts like the Mariners defense isn’t a great portent for breaking down a disciplined team who put men behind the ball. Better players than him struggled for us in midfield and attack, and there’s little to indicate that that X-factor resided in someone who comes running home in tears to Kevin Muscat after the inevitable 6-month failure overseas.

Troisi should just accept his place as a fringe Socceroo, meaning that yes, there have been times where he was out of the squad and should have been in, but there’s also been times when the opposite was the case. It all balances out. And he has that fantastic memory of that one he didn’t put into row Z in 2015.


Yeah I think that’s the big one: who was worse than him? Hell, Antonis would have been picked before Troisi.


Knowing the type of culture Arnie has built at the Mariners and us, Id be surprised if Troisi hasnt spoken himself out of ever getting called up


Youd give caps to young blokes like Genreau instead of him.


Yeah, we needed more defence like this in Asia…
Hard to stop: Sydney FC's Brandon O'Neill holds off James Troisi.


Look like he has pushed the ball out of the hand and is taking the man down. Solid tackle


Neither of his feet are even on the ground for fucks sake…he’s mid air!


One on one, so a legal strip. He should give the Kangaroos coach a call instead.


Tards train with STORM and their admin takes advice on how to cheat the cap!


Its all Branner’s fault, he would never have been tackled with the ball if he had kicked on the fifth.


The Joeys squad is announced for a Uefa tournament in Turkey,3 FC players are in it including R.Teague who captained the team in the WC qualifying tournament in Malaysia last year.

Invaluable experience for the Joeys,i hope there will be some streams.


Milicic lays the boot into youth programs…


Cultural issues in 3, 2, 1 …


Better re-open that surveymonkey


He is in the fortuitous position of having a platform to speak his mind while knowing his job is safe until and only until the WC concludes


Not playing this weekend raises a serious issue: does the fact that Arnie is coach of both the Socceroos and the U23s potentially lose us opportunities like this to bring at least part of the squad together and build familiarity?


I was thinking more along the lines of - does that mean we’re limited to choosing between either U23’s OR Socceroos when it comes to tournaments and friendlies? While the rest of the world are playing friendlies at the moment, the Socceroos aren’t because the U23’s are playing in the 2020 AFC U-23 Championship Qualifiiers, coached by Arnie.