Australian National Team Thread - back on the Boyle


Sorry, that’s pretty much what I meant.


Yeah, it seems like a major flaw in the approach.


Perhaps, but on this occasion our national team was just together for the Asian Cup, which most national teams were not. May not always work out like that but it does this time.

Be interesting to see how it pans out in future.


Normally I would say yes but we’re at a point right now where these players (U23) will hopefully form the bulk of the squad for the WC Qualifiers so concentrating on the Olympic qualifiers instead of 2 meaningless friendlies is probably the best approach.


I don’t disagree with that, and I was in total support of having the players together for a week, even though it impacted the A League. Just thinking that there’s going to be occasions like this were Arnie can only be in one place at one time.

It’s great that they’re able to work the national team coach though, and qualifying for the Olympics is really important.


The benefit as well is that the U23’s are going to be exposed to Arnie’s training intensity as well. Some players will need time to adjust to it. That’s perhaps more important than 2 of the 3 games played, which are going to be fairly incidental. The one against South Korea is really the only one of serious interest to me. I see few downsides overall.


Possibly. Another theory is that Arnie may be trying to work with the clubs of senior players playing in Europe that participated in the Asian Cup. Yes, the clubs had to release players for the tournament, but maybe on this occasion Arnie is trying to look out for the well-being of our players as well as maintain club relations. A week or two without games won’t do most of those players any harm at this time of season, if they’ve been playing regularly for their club. It might just pay off down the line when there’s someone who is looking doubtful and we might well just get the nod to call up a key player at a key time.


This is also why Bosnich calling out these kids being called up for a camp & friendlies is absolute BS. I can understand Babbel, he has no troops, couldnt give 2 shits about the NT and needs every excuse in the book, but ol’ bloatedface would be the first to decry how disorganised we are, how little the youth teams play with each other etc, if (& when) we dont qualify.

Milicic said it was great, so has McGree now. I’ll take their opinions,




Anyone got a squad list for the U23s side for tonight’s game? I cant seem to find a squad list anywhere


This is the squad for the campaign. Probably won’t see a team sheet until later tonight.

Name Club, Country
Nathaniel ATKINSON Melbourne City FC, Australia
Keanu BACCUS Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Australia
George BLACKWOOD Adelaide United FC, Australia
Jake BRIMMER Perth Glory FC, Australia
Joseph CHAMPNESS Newcastle Jets FC, Australia
Nicholas D’AGOSTINO Brisbane Roar FC, Australia
Thomas DENG Melbourne Victory FC, Australia
Denis GENREAU PEC Zwolle, Netherlands
Alex GERSBACH NAC Breda, Netherlands
Thomas GLOVER (Gk) Tottenham Hotspur, England
Jordan HOLMES (Gk) St Mirren, Scotland
John KOUTROUMBIS Newcastle Jets FC, Australia
Abraham MAJOK Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Australia
Daniel MARGUSH (Gk) Adelaide United FC, Australia
Riley MCGREE Melbourne City FC, Australia
Tass MOURDOUKOUTAS Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Australia
Aiden O’NEILL Central Coast Mariners FC, Australia
Sebastian PASQUALI Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands
Reno PISCOPO AC Renate, Italy
Harry SOUTTAR Stoke City, England
Ivan VUJICA Newcastle Jets FC, Australia
Lachlan WALES Melbourne City FC, Australia
Pierce WARING Cerezo Osaka, Japan
Brandon WILSON Perth Glory FC, Australia


Legend, thanks mate.


This runs over the guys a bit too


Anyone seen this being broadcast anywhere?


A good start for the U23s:


JOWIC is our saviour


I first read the score as Cambodia 6-0


Watched the first half. Cambodia rubbish, Honda looked regretful of his decision. We looked good though against a deep defense. The performance reflected the talk of how we wanted to play unlike the AC. Mids and strikers were prepared to try things knowing they’d win the ball back quickly. Good start.


Oh well, over the first hurdle.


No problem in this section…Next section will show where OZ is in Asia…top8 maybe?..top3,meaning qualifying,I doubt it.I’d love to be proven wrong but past performances havent been all that impressive.

Under 17s are in WC in Peru later this year,that tournament should be interesting.