Australian Professional Leagues - They can't be worse than the FFA... can they?

Unite Round info leaked for the upcoming season, as last year was deemed a failure:

  • Moved from January to November.
  • All the Mens games to be held at Allianz
  • All Womens games to be held at Leichhardt Oval.
  • 2 fixtures confirmed. Sydney Derby & F3 Derby
  • Melbourne City will receive the ‘bye’ that round.

Sydney derby is a good idea for unite round. I think there’d be a fair few people who’d be keen to experience it. Also means that it’s good revenue for the APL because it would be an extra game that’s not included in a membership.

Nah. If you need a Sydney Derby to bring people in, then the Unite round is probably just a dumb idea.

Which it is, it’s a dumb idea.


I like the idea of all mens games at Allianz over a weekend (although I hope we are on early cause the turf will be a disaster at the start of the last game).

Surely it will impact the attendances of the womens fixtures? While there is a strong core supporter base I am guessing that the majority of people follow both and will preference the mens games…

Moving the F3 derby to Allianz is an even dumber idea.

I am sure CCM and Jet’s fans will be thrilled.


You guys need to trust our idiot overlords. They clearly know what they are doing.


Might be nice for the Mariners fans to go to a stadium with 4 sides


In this scenario it’s a bonus derby right (in both cases)? It’s a round that otherwise wouldnt have happened.

They have to do something to try and get people from out of town to come to this thing. I think the F3 Derby is about the only thing that would move Coasties and Novocastrians.

Lord knows they don’t usually travel for away games in Sydney. Why would they magically change their minds for Unite Round?

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I think the remaining fixtures have got to be:

Western v Perth is your curtain raiser.
Adelaide v Victory
Wellington v Auckland
Macarthur v Brisbane

Double down.

Any idea when the full draw is out?

Wasn’t till the end of August last year.

Horse. Dead. Flogged. APL don’t give no fucks. Morons.


If it is an extra round probably ok.

I imagined it would have been a regular game moved from either Gosford or Newcastle.

They have to do this thing for a couple more seasons in NSW because of the compromise deal with venues NSW, is that right? I don’t think anyone thinks it’s a great idea at this point.


This is the final year I think. It was a 3-year thing from memory.

Short of it turning around 180 and becoming a massive success (sell outs for all matches…) I can’t see it being done again.

Wouldn’t put it past the APL to try it with the Victorian or Queensland governments however.

I hope that doesnt mean they are planning FOUR derbies in one season, because if there’s one thing the derby doesn’t need is further devaluing.


I complained last season and I’ll complain again. If they’re doing mixed double headers, there are enough teams to have a Sydney-based club at every fixture. That should guarantee that the matches sell at worst the usual home attendance. For some reason, they didn’t think to do that last season and seem to be surprised nobody in Sydney wanted to watch four clubs they don’t support.

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Not sure I agree. It has to differentiate itself and draw people from out of town. Otherwise what’s the point?

Do it your way and it may as well be just a regular round of the Aleague but also Perth and Western are here…