Australian Professional Leagues - They can't be worse than the FFA... can they?

Richard Peil has not “bought a stake” he has bought an option to buy a stake after a three year trial running and funding CCM.

So I’ma play with it, but if I break, I don’t have to buy it?

I know what you’re saying, but they’ve done alright in those three years, haven’t they?

It is unbuttoned. It’s just so starched and rarely unused that it still sticks up there.

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Is the trial the last three years or the next three years?

The English is hardly clear, is it? If I was a smart businessman, I’d leave that open!

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He is in his second season.

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At least people who make their money in ambiguously questionable ways aren’t cheap.

The more things change…

“The separation was the result of years of negotiations with football’s many stakeholders in Australia, largely in a forum called the New Leagues Working Group.”

Except fans of course, fans were the only stakeholder group intentionally exclueded from any discussion about the games future.


But social media said that every problem in Australia football would be fixed by an independent league (and pro/rel)

Agree with the pro/rel bit(as in lots of bitters think it will magically fix everything), can’t say I saw anything about independent league, just get it away from Lowy and cronies.

Definitely was tied to Lowy hatred but definitely saw a lot of those two being the panacea instant fixes to the league a few years ago. Definitely gone to just pro/rel in recent times.

“Ultimately, FA and the APL agreed a governance model that was fundamentally different to the one advocated by the players,” she said.

Anyone know deets or rumours what model the PFA was advocating?

Probably three times the pay and half the matches.

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The PFA and FIFPRO essentially is a Union for the workers. (Players)

It will forever be a battle between unions and corps if there is money to be made. In any industry.

If they said they advocated for a change in league structures or something Id guess it was code for improved pay and conditions or whatever. But Busch explicitly mentioned governance here… is that a PFA seat on the board with the clubs, or something entirely different like the Bundesliga?

Being a smallish enough community in Australia, i feel everyone, with any investment is going to want to improve the game to flourish. In this there are numerous organizations that will also naturally look for their own interests to a certain point.

Everybody wants football to work, working together is what has always being a stumbling block.

Maybe it’s harder in a multi faceted environment like ours. :man_shrugging:

Yes but Hilly will always side with the bourgeoisie.

He hates workers.


Down with that sort of thing.