Australian Professional Leagues - They can't be worse than the FFA... can they?

To be honest I’m no expert, so may not be true. But I’d be very surprised if discussions around a big advertising spend didn’t result in a favourable change to editorial approach. Other alternative would be to provide favourable or less favourable access to say Matilda’s and mantildas.

Again, not sure how true this is, but the cynic in me expects there’s some element of that in the industry. Focus on the bottom line etc.

Maybe there is ethics and journalistic integrity that stop that. Maybe APL budget is laughably small. Spitballing really.

Transfermarkt is the same as well

So the picture quality of the Adelaide game seems to be so much better than I have seen on Paramount before.

I am imagining it right?

Looks much the same to me mate.

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It’s the internet, there will be someone willing to do the thing for free.

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So blackmail essentially.

GIve us money and we won’t push invasive intrusive code to your browser.

The new operators are adaptable. I like it.


That’s because what I said is the reality. We don’t need to do these mental gymnastics around anything else. That’s the bottom line. Not enough people care. I wish it wasn’t true but it is.

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The real threat to football journalism in this country is clearly that Vince has opened a SFCU account - the time wasting alone afforded by that one ill advised move could single handedly sink his output far more than anything the lizard-men employed to kill football in Australia could ever dream up…

we really only have ourselves to blame for being so irresistible.


Vince was posting about AFL on twitter so getting him on here is a community service


I suspect he was looking at opening an account with the Stanford Federal Credit Union and just accidentally stumbled across this place - has happened to the best of us.


Some kind of self flagellation perhaps?

I thought I’d care today. I thought I’d ride the feel good moment of last night and navigated my way to the sports section of the SMH.

I got to the soccer bit because they stopped using Football like 10 years ago and …

The last football article is Europa League goals from two days ago.

That’s OK, you can just go to the website of our national broadcaster, the ABC, and read their match repor…oh. Hmm, it’s like being a member of a secret society with 40,000 members.


They’ve got something there now! It even has a line with the match result!

Exactly, there’s no clearly an article right there in the SMH:

And poor old Vince didn’t even get the call up. Fobbed off to a guy on the Rugby/Swimming beat. Even bad news for football doesn’t get the respect it deserves.


Somewhat, it’s fittingly ironic his names Tom Decent…

Ahhhh, can’t wait for those idiots to defend another moron.

The Fairfax/Nine/Stan links mean that there’s always plenty of Rugby Union in the SMH pages - I wonder what their metrics are like?