Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


I’ve done case studies at Uni for Industrial Relations involving an NSL club and their Chairman’s behaviour in regards to player firings and withholding pay and bonuses.

I find it an interesting coincidence that that person is now on the FFA board.


If Heather Reid did not know way more about all this than Gallop then Matty Simon wont get a yellow on Sunday for a late & dangerous tackle. Just look at Gallops presser … did he look convinced ? Yet we are expected to believe he convinced the board while having prior knowledge of the issues …please…gallop is the scapegoat here


The board were unanimous in their decision. Gallop is as much a conspirator as he is a scapegoat and should swing for his part as much as the others.


But is Gallop on the board? I can’t see that he is, so that unanimous thing does not include him. The board is his boss , so he needs to careful if swimming against the boardroom tide . As far as i could see, he was the mug to deliver a decision he did not / could not have owned . Happy to hear why he owns it too tho


The advice the Board acted on would have come from the FFA administration which, as CEO, he heads up.


Yes, well that’s the great unknown. While Emma highfield technically reports to gallop for example, it would not be unreasonable to imagine him being by passed with information flowing directly to Reid(for example). It makes no sense to me that gallop had the motivation to pull a stunt like this


Ante Milicic set to become Matildas coach. Seems a very weird move. Has no experience coaching women. If youre going a caretaker for the world cup give it to one of the successful W-League coaches



the FFA have clearly stuffed this up completely. the players (the good ones) must be losing their shit


Speaking of the players, the other day I went back and checked some social media stuff. Gorry (named in the initial tweet from that omnipotent account that predicted it all) and her bestie Heyman (who mainly through injuries wasn’t getting much of a look in of late) were 2 of very few who did not publicly share their gratitude to Staj.

Recommence the baseless speculation.


Will take that as an invitation …certainly consistent with the “mafia that dare not speak its name conspiracy theory”
Which if it is , will be spitting chips at how’s it’s all panned out . Now they get an untried bloke with zero experience in the womens game instead . Good work.


Yeah, that would be really odd. I mean, he’s a good #2 and been around various NT setups and stuff, but if Staj was arsed due to cultural stuff how do you turn around and appoint someone else with fuck all experience of it?

Surely they could’ve turned to any number of the W-League coaches, who will all be twiddling their thumbs between now and October, if they were going the now standard “tournament only” short term appointment.


Every since W-League coach past and present is more deserving of the gig


Some players (i.e. ones who are more on the outer) are unhappy with the coach shock. They’ve gone from “player power ousts coach” a few years back to to “player power of those with mates in the right positions ousts coach”.

Good luck to the fuckwits at the FFA if they think they can make everyone happy, the dozy cunts. Welcome to competitive sport you absolute deadshits.

Does anyone have much enthusiasm left about the coming WC and this laughable tournament on in a couple of weeks? Good luck shifting any further tickets to that, FFA.


Be funny if they asked every W-League coach and they went no because of the toxic environment …


Heyman was always shit anyway. She never scored and was right to be left out of late given our current strike force available. It would be like continuing to pick Juric when you had Mbappe available.

Not sure any of the a-league coaches want the short term appointment. But a coach with no women’s experience vs one with no international experience is maybe 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.


Hows an admin with SFA intelligence?


Milicic didn’t even apply but in a completely fair search that wasn’t prioritising any current employees Milicic to get it l. I really hope the players go on and have a great tournament as they really deserve it but FFA have really disrespected them with the handling of this


Milicic confirmed. You can only laugh at this point.


Shocking press release too. The main adjective in the first sentence was “Australian”, and then they went on to mention “a wealth of experience” without even one mention of something he’s done.


Remember all those great teams Milicic has been head coach of like:


oh and those amazing womens teams he coached such as:

Man the memories so good.