Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


You’d think I would have that one figured out by now.


Will Mike Lowrey do?


Or Al?


Id give Milicic my life savings of he brings in Stajcic as assistant


I don’t disagree with you. My issue is that, none of the girls were complaining about the culture of the team or of harassment, abuse or anything else. They were mouthpieced by people who clearly have an agenda, who were also in a position to misuse their position within the FFA. The whole thing was a construct from the start.

Bonita Mersaides’ piece in Football Today is probably the most interesting I’ve read:

Football culture problems in Australia are much deeper and broader than the Matildas |


The Lyndataylor76 twitter account is strongly linked to Heather Reid and likely to be a burner account. The infamous foreshadowing tweet from January this year references Dodd, Highwood and Reid to fix all the Matildas’ coaching, setup and off-field issues. When you look at the membership of FFA womens football committee from last year, these names come up:
the FFA Women’s Committee in 2018 comprised:
Chris Nikou, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, Danny Moulis, David Gallop, Emma Highwood, Jo Setright, Sarah Walsh, Mia Garlick and Heather Reid. Reading between the lines, this whole fucking mess looks like its come from the triumverate of Dodd, Reid and Highwood.


6 of our champion squad make Milicic’s first 23:

  • Kennedy
  • Logarzo
  • De Vanna
  • Foord
  • Ibini
  • Polias

Great to see the skipper back in the national set up. Also with that caliber of player, add in the quality of our imports, plus others like Harrison and Ralston who would be thereabouts, and we really underachieved in the regular season.


Interesting, I would have thought De Vanna was done at the national level with a younger person coming through instead. I guess Milicic is just looking for some stability in the squad.


Maybe De Vanna is going to train at Millwall for the next few months?

Surprised Ibini made the cut tbh. There’s potential, but she’s got a long way to go to realise it imo. Stoked for Polias. Green to have Catley’s LB spot all to herself by this time next year.


Squad looks decent otherwise. Eliza Campbell is garbage but the #3 GK shouldn’t see any game time anyways. Good to see Luik back as well, no coincidence for mine that City missed finals without her.

Gorry still injured and her bestie overlooked. :thinking:

Gallop also said today there’d be no internal review of how Staj’s sacking was handled. Bring on the defamation case pls.


1 goal in 12 games, a good decision to leave out for me.

I’ve always thought she was a donkey every time I’ve watched.


Who are we talking about here?

Glad Polias made it.
Ibini was notably a lot better this season, she’ll be pushing for a starting spot at the WC.


I’m talking about Heyman.



Love the detail of Gallop’s left shoe.


Gotcha. She would have been well down the pecking order.


Milicic has named Kerr as the new womens captain and Steph Catley as vice. Not sure what he’s planning for Polkinghorne.


hopefully he had a very quiet chat with her.


sacked for negative workplace culture in 3…2…


Did Gallop and Nikou insist on Milicic demoting Polkinghorne and de Vanna for their post-Stajic pronouncements? Just asking. Milicic has been inside the FFA for a while and obviously has ambitions to extend that stay.