Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


Well, I guess plenty have been asking for a return to the famous vomit kit.


Might be in the minority but I rate it


Its all about the dollars. The previous kit was absolutely fine.


I actually don’t mind it as well. Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia


It’s about as good as the men’s abomination behind it.


Cant they get over that crap?..SPEW!

The kit that impressed me didnt get to a WC,At the SFS(it was newish) in 97 when maraDona played Australia…forget his team, it was all about him.Thats Y the game sold out!

ALL yellow Adidas 3 stripes,smickest uniform Ive seen and Ive been watching that team since the Chelsea game in 65/6(cant remember the score,but first time i’d seen the NT)


Put green shorts with it and it’s fine.


From the press release:

“The use of multiple colours in a confused pattern symbolises the unity of the Australian Football family over many decades. Red numbering & lettering on the back of the shirt is symbolic of the blood letting experienced from the multiple backstabbings in the factional fight for power over the years.”


That reads just like an article from The Onion :rofl:


I thought the current kit looked great with green shorts - wish the men could do it as well.


I dig it. Belles of the ball when Kerr lifts the cup over Neville’s England.



So what does everyone think of the new kit?
I think it’s ace. The best Nike Australian kit since their very first.


  • It’s a Spew kit
  • Proper women’s cut (not going too tight, which girls often don’t like)
  • Green Shorts
  • Proper women’s shorts


  • The spew isn’t random like it was in the 90s (i.e. every shirt looks the same with the new one)

Also what’s happening with Alanna Kennedy in that pic? She looks tiny, like it’s a perspective experiment.


Yeah i love it.

The current mens kit is terrible. Stupid pattern, all yellow is nonsense.
I want to get one of these.


Looks cool.


This requires a confidential survey!

I like it. Maybe the white could be a little narrower but that is nit picking really.
I like that they kept the 2nd kit as well but they can fuck off the big NIKE wording across the chest.


“This graphic mixes the awesome 90s-inspired graffiti you see on Hosier Lane [urban street art location in Melbourne] and also the golden wattle, that brilliant yellow colour.“

For tard lovers only then.


The white ruins it


I dig it and I think it looks great on the girls. Well done all round.


I hadn’t noticed that. That bit is shit.


I doubt that will be there for the competition. It wasn’t for the men and FIFA don’t allow sponsors on national team playing strips.