Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup

That’s also gotta be Luik done, without the fanfare.

Have said it before but when we look back at how this golden generation was set up to fail and why they didn’t actually win anything (since the earlier, unexpected Asian Cup anyways) the underuse of prime Luik at #6 should be the starting point. Fantastic player who’d have done so, so much to help balance a midfield that has underperformed since Staj was still in charge.

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Especially as the alternates travel and train and can be subbed in throughout the tournament.

Just allow a 22 person squad

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Was mentioned on the news it will be 8 of the 18s 3rd Olympics, and I think 6 2nd. Presumably one of the older squads competing.

Likely a very different team for LA28.

Polkinghorne isn’t up to it anymore - shouldn’t still be around in squads like this.

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"What watch?

“Vine watch.”

“Oh, such much!”

Tillies doco on Stan…