Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


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So pretty much the entire first choice eleven including Kerr have come out and expressed their shock, and appreciation of the departed coach on twitter.


Yep, here’s links to most of them:


It’s all a bit strange. Obviously some damning stuff has come out of the review (note the repeated references to OurWatch), but it’s all a bit counterproductive when absolutely zero specifics are supplied.


It was pointed out that OurWatch tweeted their version of the 10 year challenge a few days back stating there were no women’s elite sporting comp in 2009, omitted the W League and Matildas in 2019 too, yet included part time Mickey mouse hit outs like WBBL (because it so short - appreciate the players play multiple formats) and laughable “who wants to have a go at this then” social sport of AFLW.
I know that’s a side issue but I doubt they have the vaguest handle of what a competitive sporting environment is or can realistically be so am concerned as to their capability for involvement here.


Any chance OurWatch share joint management or ownership with Hatamoto then? :thinking:


Victorians :neutral_face:


It’s a very weird situation, in one case they say bordered on harassment, and then they list cases of actual harassment. Also was anyone else fired from the staff or was it just Stajcic? Surely others must have been fired at the same time if there was a culture being perpetrated throughout the coaching group?

I get this weird feeling that the Our Watch report was done by people with zero sporting experience and zero understanding of the expectations of someone doing top flight team sports. I’d think that the pressures of say a professional runner would be completely different to a footballer playing on the international stage. Even comparing AFL or cricket to football would be impossible.

Another thing the article points out, is that in many cases, it was the players that decided to push themselves despite the advice of doctors etc. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be that person that says no you can’t play and prove yourself on an international level, when the players want to play.


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Gallop is making a statement at 5pm


Delivered from behind curtain?


Offers fuck all new information and then wanders off while questions are still being asked.

The sooner we remove that cum stain Gallop from our sport the better.


That was disgraceful.


I wonder if the FFA have seriously underestimated how much football people in Australia like and follow the Matildas. They surely had to think that they wouldn’t receive this kind of strong response when they fired Staj and now they are paying the price for a poorly communicated and under-planned move.


I think this episode has been so badly bungled that a lot of ‘everyday’ folk are genuinely baffled by it, both from a sporting perspective as well as genuine interest view. In fact there are so many oddities and unanswered questions that the story has created another source of momentum in mainstream interest.


Apparently Gatt is tweeting that there is an unscheduled FFA meeting going on or scheduled for about now.


So poorly handled this whole situation. If the FFA couldn’t give specifics about why he was sacked (of course unless it was subject to a police investigation but that doesn’t seem to be the case) then I don’t see how on earth it is the appropriate action.

It seems that any inappropriate behavior is news to the first 11 of the national team. The whole thing reeks of a hatchet job by 1 or 2 people with an axe to grind somewhere in the FFA or the coaching staff. Just very disappointing as I thought we had a real chance of making it to the semis this WC and anything can happen after that.


One day Australian football will stop shooting itself in the foot.


Robbie Slater hinted at as much.

In this arvo’s presser, pointless as it was, the one thing Gallop did shed light on was that at no point previously did FFA address the issues with Staj or give him a chance to rectify things. That says FFA were asleep at the wheel and previously oblivious themselves, but Gallop also stressed it’s not like a regular workplace with multiple warnings from HR, that there were provisions in the contract for them to pay Staj out which they chose to do (based on the “deterioration” of things they determined that was the best course of action).

So that said, if it was any sort of gross misconduct they wouldn’t actually pay him out, right? There’d still be a provision in the contract for summary dismissal with no pay. It was reported elsewhere that Staj is now on “gardening leave”, effectively still being paid his remaining 9 months but not allowed to talk in the meantime. So that sorta indicates that whatever the reasoning is it can’t have been THAT serious a problem, the likes of which you think would also see him lose support from all those players currently lamenting his removal…

I wonder if we’ll ever know.