Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


There is so much about this story that reeks of a cover up. Exactly what’s being covered up I’m not sure but I’m beginning to doubt that it’s anything Stajcic did wrong.


This is rather interesting:

As is this further down that page:


What does it say? No access to Twitter on work comp



That Lynda Taylor account is an interesting one… seems to have an axe to grind and great at predicting the future in the very least…


I don’t think there’s any doubt it was a hatchet job on Staj, just ironic that there’s been this push for the “greater good” or whatever to have a female head coach, yet the women already in positions of power have resorted to the most high school bitchy, underhanded methods to get their way.

From their point of view it simply had to be done now, imagine if we went and actually won the bloody thing under Staj?

Also, Joey Peters talking about Staj being “tactically inflexible” is hilarious. I’ve watched a shit tonne of W-League over the years and literally NEVER heard her discuss tactics, all she ever does is bang on about the girls personal characteristics, how fierce and determined they are etc. Reminds me of this every time she speaks:


This article from Kevin Airs contains (finally!) some specifics about the surveys. I won’t be heading to any more Matilda’s games in the near future, the last one out at Penrith I had the honour of being the sole booer of David Gallop. #LifeGoals


So essentially he’s being punished for bringing professionalism to the team. Surely skinfolding is done for a majority of men’s football teams, and there’s plenty of stories of coaches banning male players from bringing partners on tour and even having sex during tournaments.


Yep. But it’s the numbers that have maintained my rage.

One, just ONE player complained about the skin folds. And just THREE Matilda’s responded with (what may have been fair) complaints that could have been addressed, and in fact were intended to be at this weeks Coogee meetings. That’s hardly respresentative of a toxic culture of the entire program that has been painted.

Really, it seems Staj’s only crime was completely dismissing that stuff when initially told of it.

Also, it occurred to me (even drafted but didn’t post it, I’ve been obsessed with this for days as is, lol) that Gallop’s presser was that of a puppet who’d been painted into a corner by others. For just a second I felt for him being in that position. Then I remembered Nahuel Arrarte and how he had the cohones to stand up for what he believes in, even without having had the benefit of the inflated salary, profile, and inevitable corporate fallbacks that Gallop would have. If you stand there awkwardly and let this shit happen then you’re a part of the problem.


Where’s the FFA chairman in all of this? Lowy would have given the same meaningless babble as Gallop, but at least he would have fronted up. The board have made this decision and then left Gallop to take all the flack. I was feeling a bit sorry for him as well, but feel the same as @Hybrid Above.

As someone old enough to remember the soccer Australia days, it’s comforting to again have a board acting in self interest and settling vendetta’s rather then doing what is best for the game.

Absolute debacle.


Nikou at least fronted the initial presser, even if he left Gallop to answer most of the questions. The most notable absentee has been Emma Highwood as head of women’s football. Radio silence from her, wonder what she’s been up to…


Any shred of sympathy for Gallop in this situation departed the moment he started talking about “provisions in the contract” to get rid of Stajcic. Not a single football fan in the universe gives a fuck about legalese when it comes to football. He’s not talking to lawyers but that’s exactly what it sounded like to me in the presser.

Gallop needs to fuck off, get appointed at the AFL and wreck them as well. Now that would be a worthy mission.


What can you say?


One of the worst things about this situation that I don’t think anyone has touched on is that any prospective manager of quality is going to look at what’s happened and be very wary about the FFA’s wisdom, especially given the team has been going well and the World Cup is 5 months away.


I have a horrible feeling that somebody may have already been tapped up for the job and FFA’s wisdom is precipitating the change rather than discouraging anyone.

If you buy into the gender-driven conspiracy theory, I could foresee them bringing in an interim coach to take responsibility for whatever happens at the WC, followed by either Heather Garriock or Mel Andreatta to take on the job for the longer term.


I am baffled that they have turned such a successful, loved by everyone team and brand into this shit show. How fucking ridiculous!!

Unless there is some stunning evidence to suggest it was all conducted properly, and there sure as hell doesn’t seem to be, some heads have to fucking roll. At this point though it seems whoever instigated this is set to get away with it. For now at least.


This story is even more infuriating as they talk about the success and rise of woman’s football while they just went and sacked the guy who played a major part in that rise and success with seemingly no good reason and no evidence of a good reason.


Yet more evidence of spectacular failure to judge the impact and fall out from this ‘decision’,


I wonder who the allegedly disruptive player could be. I have my theories


The article specifically mentions that one player did not join the strike action, then goes on to talk about one divisive player who gets special treatment and still regular starts. They might as well say join the dots