Away derby tickets 50% off on Last Tix

If you haven’t got your tickets already…

“aim for the title” lol

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Actually I was thinking of making a ticket thread (like we used to have) because I have an overseas membership that comes with entry to three matches that I won’t be using. PM if interested.

Not relevant to the derby obviously, just putting it here because it came to mind.

Just went into LastTix (thanks What would Terry do!) and bought 3 tickets in the SFC Reserved area: $18 each. Wow that IS an improvement on football ticket prices in this city! Pax says 22,743 which no doubt excludes WSW members. Say 10,000 of them turn up and 22,000 of the Pax total and we have 30,000. Enough for a bit of atmosphere in that cave.

PAX doesn’t matter. If the cove is going there will be atmosphere. Period.

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2 Tix off last Tix , sfc res section. About $20 each .pax 23,448. Latest I have ever bought derby Tix.

So, with the crowd a bit below the DDR_GDR’s pax numbers, and plenty of walk-ups that evening, it looks like the WSW members:

  1. are included in the pax numbers (how?Why?);
  2. are indeed not full season members and their membership doesn’t include derbies?
  3. just did not turn up at all.

Option 3 for the best fans in the league thanks Larry

They were giving out freebies as well. My missus is a club member but hasn’t had a season ticket the last two years because the friends she sat with all stopped going to Soulless. They got an email on Wed or Thurs with free tickets that went unused (apologies I didn’t see the PAX before it was deleted).

Yeah my mum works in a school in the Shire and even the school there was offered free tickets. They must have been desperate.