Brandon O’Neill Thread


As always Thread titles needed. Mentioned tonight here’s some stuff championship interest in him


He’s fucking terrible. Who would buy him?


On the previous thread, the title was something like “Bring On The Nerd”. No doubt someone else will remember the right wording for it.


“Did you get a load of the nerd” I believe.


I reckon he’ll be in the SPL next season. Milligan dominating there in his senior years will have other clubs looking here


Can’t tell if this is serious?


You never know who is watching. :wink:



How strong is Ireland’s midfield? Worried he makes a championship move and gets an Irish call up. Pity too were so stacked at CM


High Pants, Higher Aspirations


I never knew he had a left foot to be honest. I thought that shot was going to be a pea roller or into the palm trees. He continues to amaze me


Deckan rice, harry arter, jeff hendricks, hourihane from villa and more genuine championship guys. Hes no chance til he moves and shows something


Think Rice is about to change to England but other than that fair enough. Was wondering if he was close there as I think hes said the Irish FA have had a snif


Does Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in this interview remind you of anyone?


I had no idea about this:


FYI if he stays for another season, and we can’t come up with a better chant than 7NA for him, “O-O-O-O- O’Neill” is way better than “Oh Brandon O’Neill”


tune the tune of beatles - love me do

Brandon O’Neill
in centre midfield
he’s fucking unreal
our Brandon,
Brandon O’Neill do do dodo do


Branz mentioned at the event last night that in the GF he clocked the highest amount of km’s he has ever done


with 2 hours of running I can see that. Not often you play for the long