Brisbane Roar Thread


Clearly you’re forgetting that the RBB were formed well before the HAL started.


Not sure that’s true. The Shed may have moved from 1972 to 1973.


You’re shit ahhhhh


Ross has left now as well:

Probably increases the likelihood of those rumours connecting him to Western Melbourne.


Marco Monteverde has linked the Indian coach to Roar


So underrated… cough cough


Old Sven-Goran Eriksson wants in!


Hey mate
It’s been a messy situation. From what I can see (from the outside & not being a Den regular) is that the recently current leadership group were getting a bit too full of themselves and pulling the whole thing in a shitty direction. Plenty of people had made their dissatisfaction with the direction things were going clear but it seemed to get drowned out for the most part.
I think in essence, what the “Leadership” group did recently with calling out the club, secutiry etc etc basically gave the Club the ammo to whack them with their withdrawal of support and therefore don’t recognise the group as a representative of the Den… That happened a 2 or so weeks ago now and since then there seems to be discussions and meetings being held to establish a new leadership group/structure that the majority of Den regulars will be happy with.

Considering how poor we’ve been onfield it’s not really surprising that there’s a lot of anger and angst amongst the fans I suppose.


Last night was a shambles.

3 up against 10…how do you lose from there? Even CCM and NorthWestWandywackers cant do what the Brissos did.

I loved it, kept the multi alive when i thought it was dead and buried.


I’m still scratching my head over that one… What a debacle!


I posted this in the round thread but definitely needs to go here as well.

On Brisbane, surely they have to get rid of Darren Davies. There’s been no improvement since Aloisi left, it could be argued they’ve regressed even further. Surely you bring in a permanent appointment who can run the rule over the squad so he can rebuild the it in the summer. Listening to him in commentary on the Adelaide v Brisbane game and seeing the job Rudes has done in Wellington, Damian Mori would make for a decent option.

When compared with CCM & WSW it’s hard to see what the plan is for Brisbane.
CCM have put together some good football and there is a distinct game plan there.
Markus Babbel has shown that he is looking to the future by incorporating many of the NYL winning players into the first team. His recruiting has been pretty decent so there’s no reason to think that he won’t improve them over the offseason.
Davies can’t get a tune out of the older players and isn’t giving the kids much of a run. It also appears that there is no consistent game plan with the one tactic being get it to Taggart.



And they will leapfrog the NorthWestys with tonights win.The Wandythings will claim their true spot!


It is astounding to me that it has taken so long for them to appoint a permanent coach. Can’t be great for the fans to see their club have such little ambition that they are letting a guy they don’t want as coach continue to get terrible results with the same old dross. Why they haven’t had a coach come in and start building for next season at the very least… I just cant understand why take so long. Must be $$$


Sounds like they might have Robbie Fowler lined up for next season. Perhaps he wasn’t available earlier so they thought there was no point in getting another coach in short-term?


They could announce Fowler as soon as this week:


A temporary role in Thailand doesn’t seem to make Fowler very qualified to be a head coach in the A-League. Obviously he’s done a little bit of coaching elsewhere but I can’t say I’m overwhelmed with this appointment, if its true.


Apparently Tony Sage was really keen to sign him as Perth’s manager for this season, but was talked in to appointing Popa instead. Sliding doors moment that one.


If he wants to manage why not take a job over there? Seems strange that he wants to come here when he could get a League 2 job and take advantage of being Robbie Fowler. He knows the league and country so should do ok but not sure why it works for him on a personal level unless he is emigrating.


Maybe he likes being out of the spotlight? He doesn’t strike me as someone who is always seeking out media comment unlike a lot of other Liverpool legends.