Candidates for Thread migration

Make your suggestions for stuff than needs to be migrated over to the new forum

We’ll likely copy the first/last post and put a link to the archive in it

Please read other peoples suggestions to avoid repetition

There is a player threads summary which in itself links to a lot of players’ individual threads.
Culture wars :bomb:

Testing edit: I’ll come back and turn these into links once I can get back into the old forum

I’d suggest the A-League Predictions Thread? I find those fun to return to during the course of the season.

It’s not really a candidate for thread migration but we need to get the Fantasy details up again so people (like me) can join the SFCU league before the deadline tomorrow.

Yes, I’ll pull the data, which section was it in?

Couldn’t tell you. Cove or Aust football, I guess.

Done, its in Australian football.

BTW, I can reassign threads to their owners once they’ve logged in here once.

Id put forward any of the player appreciation threads and where are they now.

Could just reboot them with new threads but the two forum games were good too.

Squad speculation thread would be good to migrate.

My plan was to link back to archive threads in the first post of new threads on here, 99% of people wouldn’t read the old stuff I think, tell me when you reckon

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That’s probably fine also. Key reason for asking was I have some speculation to speculate.

The best/worst of SFCU thread (the one with the scum traitor who bragged about how much he loved the club). Always worth a read that one.

Yeah that would be good. Ive started populating the place with a few of those types of threads. A link back for some where it makes sense could be good.

The a-league expansion would be interesting to continue, given the news of the past few days.

2018/19 season predictions from Aussie Football forum.

Sexual encounters thread was a great read


@jubal1 If you are able to reassign the migrated threads for Amazing Scenes and Amazing Goals back to me, I will get about updating some of the broken links and additions from last season. Thanks for your efforts with the new forum.


@jubal1 As per nulla above, could you assign the Fantasy League thread back to me. I need to add the Honour Roll to the first post. Thanks.

PS This forum is excellent.

If possible, the pre and post game threads of all our derby wins since the 3-1 game please. Love going back to them and laughing at all the comments pre and post result.