CCM vs Sydney FC - SF - 2nd Leg - 18/05/24


Oh oh. If anyone cannot make it with 2 or even 1 ticket pls DM me. Will be having an embarrassing conversation with my son !

Embarrassment averted. In case others in my boat… kept pinging Ticketek and a couple came up all be it deep inside Mariner territory ( bay 9 )


So, it’s not sold out?

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Probably returns or something?

I hope there aren’t any inverted yellow cards in this game.



I’d have called them c*nts :sweat_smile:

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Forecast looks like it’ll be pissing down and cold in Gosford tomorrow evening

Pissing down with Sydney goals and cold celebratory beers you mean!


Rain you say. Season one, round four you say.

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Looks like some rain this afternoon but should mostly clear up by late afternoon/evening. I don’t think the rain really favours/hurts either team.

Bring back Puddleinho!


Droughtbreakers FC strike again!

Last week, having JCP at left mid didn’t work. Hopefully Talay corrects this tonight but we are missing some key players, so he might persist with it.

I’d like to see something like


It means if we’re ahead on aggregate later on, we can bring King on for JCP as a defensive option. Gabriel can also come on as defensive cover in the same situation. We can keep Wood for the closing stages if we need fresh legs.

If JGR isn’t fit, Gabriel comes in, I suppose.

Feeling ridiculous amounts of hype for this one.

Keen as to get on that train at Central this arvo.

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Away team winner from a deflection in the dying seconds, you say?

I think in recent years, I’ve been glad that the Mariners (the team) have had success after so many years in the doldrums, the goodwill of Staj getting things started and then the team continuing to do well, but I had forgotten how piss-chucking feral the Mariners fans could be.

I have a feeling we’re going to see plenty of feral tonight, the kind of Gosford stupidity that disappeared completely when the team sucked and nobody was in the stadium. Takes me back to simpler times in this great league.

It will be fun to send them home as sad losers after full time.


I agree with this sentiment tbh. They seem to be getting rather big for their boots now they’ve had a small taste of success. Wouldn’t mind putting them in their place but I still can’t help having a small soft spot as we know it won’t last forever.

We will win in the stands either way, we have massive numbers going up. Even if we’re down and out we may as well focus on completely outsinging them in the last 15-20 mins and going out on a high.

Will be a fun trip, starting to get hyped myself now.


Will this be on 10play tonight?

Hope the weather in Gosford is better than the Shire… Staying indoors weather if ever I saw it.