Champions League Draw


WWOS reporting Siem has suffered a setback and will be another few weeks away. Maybe we wrap him in cotton wool for HAL finals and Jop will get the ACL nod after all?


Yeah if his body is this bad, he shouldn’t be doing long flights.


Its just a one or two week delay on recovery from the initial injury its not a whole new issue.


Should’ve sent him back to Ajax when we signed Reza.


Should have brought that bald Polish knob back.




Heh, it’s never really gone away has it


Corica has said our squad will be confirmed on Monday


Why didn’t we announce ACL squad today?


A squad has already been submitted but changes can be made up until 7 days prior to Matchday 1. That’s the 27th of Feb for us so expect the announcement on Wednesday.


Squad is in, Jop misses out.



With his injuries, I’d be surprised if Siem gets more than 2 ACL appearances in.


Doubt Siem will travel but he can do a job here. Some of his good moments have been porn. Totally worth the risk IMO. Obvious choice for ACL Jop is 4th choice atm.


Yeah and I’d bet both of them are home games.


Feel for Jop tbh…the lad really should ask for termination by mutual consent or whatever its called under the cap


Where does he go then? He’s not going to join a club now until next season. At least he’s getting paid here (won’t be if he agrees to a mutual termination) and there’s a good chance he’ll get some minutes in the A League once the ACL starts.


Corica mentioned that expressly in the squad release. Even if he doesn’t get much / any game time, I’d much rather we handle it without being cunts and making him train on his own etc. Shit like that only means future foreigners will be wary.


Yeah it would be a shit move to release and one where neither party benefits. Few teams want to sign a player now or have space for it and if we get a few CB injuries or need to rotate a bit why lose that option?


Still surprised we didnt offload Jop in January.