Champions TShirt & Scarf Preorders now available

Shirt is 2-4 weeks for fulfilment, Scarf is 4-6 weeks, if you order both together they will be shipped when the scarf is ready, if you want a tshirt sooner order it separately.


Those scarves are mint, assume they have Brijeski running down one edge? :wink:

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There is a small chance that there will be some shirts available for purchase at the End of Season bash, but not guarantees.

Both the shirt and the scarf are fantastic, much better than the official ones put out by the club.

As I can only buy one shirt and scarf, I went with the Cove offerings.


Is there any update on when these will be ready?

They’re due in a couple of weeks I think

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Is the preorder still going?

I had completely forgotten about getting one.

Yep, they’re still in the shop

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An update for those waiting for scarves.

Sorry this has taken so long.

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I have no doubt they will be worth the wait. :+1:

I can’t remember if I ordered one or not

The membership pack thread just reminded me of these, must be close, is it likely we’ll have them before the first home game? Thanks gents.

We’re expecting them in the next week and will do all we can to get them to everyone prior to the start of the season, so you should comfortably have it before the first home game.

Keep in mind we’re 100% reliant on our supplier meeting their commitments, but we’ve worked with them before and are confident they’ll deliver.

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Not sure if this is the right thread but there doesn’t seem to be a “cove shop thread” anymore. Just wondering if you guys are planning on releasing any new merch for the upcoming season? Would love to get some new T-shirts as a lot of mine are worn out. Keep up the great work guys :+1:

yes we definitely are, stay tuned. We’re waiting on the scarves to arrive before doing anything else.

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cough Illuminati shirts cough :wink:




Any update on this. Have my Champions tshirt on backorder with the scarf.

Still waiting on them to arrive from the manufacturer, should be very soon, I’m checking to see if there’s a delivery date yet. Sorry for the delay, it’s been a comedy of errors.

edit: Shipping today, here in 7 days, sent out within 5 after that.


Any pictures of the new merch the Cove Shop will have at the REH today?