Cheerleaders 2018



Apparently so. There’s even a website about old Australian Colts.


I found out this week just gone that my branch is going to go through a re-structure. There’s going to be more roles created at the level I’m looking to advance to, which equals a better chance of getting a promotion in the next six or so months, which feels pretty great.


Hopefully this is OK to post, but I was just wondering if anyone might be interested in taking a look at the Instagram account I started a few months ago.

I have been going around Sydney taking pictures of interesting things for ages, and have been posting them on Facebook for friends to see and discover stuff about their city. A while ago I started doing the same thing for Instagram.

Every day or so I post a new picture of a building, a statue, monument, memorial from somewhere in the city with a little history of whatever the picture is about.

If that sounds like your jam, please have a look on Instagram. Also, if you have any recommendations of cool stuff worth checking out in the city, please let me know, I’ll add it to my list!


I’ve enjoyed seeing them on your facebook page mate. Discovering things I never knew existed, always wondered about and things I didnt know I cared for.

Keep it up!


Yeah I’ve seen them on your Twitter. Always interesting stuff.


Cheers mate. Just checked out your Instagram page. I think I can see myself spending many hours on it. The Buglar of Burwood is an early favourite. Great work


Thanks Phormic.
I was reading about some fancy new car racing track an hour and 15 min north of Adelaide. They said its longer than Bathurst. Fork over 1.5k or so and you can drive an Audi sideways for a day.

Anyway. Its the old Mitsubushi test track.


Superannuation help…

I am a 34yr old professional in the engineering industry with a typical sized super fund for somebody of my age. I occasionally check my balance and see small increases every couple of months (approx an average of $200-$300 after admin fees). However, I have seen a $1500 reduction in the past 2 months. I understand the overall balance is subject to peaks and troughs and will fluctuate with the market and the investments, but this seems excessive.

Note, been working in the US for 2 years now and have not made any additional contributions. Am I being hit with some unknown fee for living overseas? Or has the market under performed after a number of years of positive performances?


Market performance recently hasn’t been great. I am down about $5k in the last month or so.


The fees that have been charged should be visible on your statement or your online account, usually in a transaction summary or hidden under an account fees tab. In saying that though there should be no fees associated with bring an Australian citizen and working overseas.
Without more information I would say the fluctuations are down to your investment options performing lower. Although this is the assumption that it’s a 1,500 variation on a usual balance of 50k+. I would be concerned if it’s a variation of 1.5k on a 10k balance. I’m also assuming here that it’s a fund where you pick and investment option (usually of 3 or 4) where the mix of investments is pre set. If you have picked one of the high growth, high risk ones (which you should because you are young), then fluctuations in not just shares but also currency value could affect it. One way to get an idea is usually your account will say what one unit of your preferred investment set is worth and how many you have (equallying your account balance). Have a look over past statements, and if there is a history of the unit value available to see if there have been variations to its price recently.
I’ve made a lot of assumptions here and this is all quite broad as some funds are different but see if this answers your question at all.


The market got smashed a few weeks back, my high growth dropped ~1.5k in a week or so. Maybe get a fund where you have more control on the investments?


Your assumptions are pretty bang on. I’ve taken a screen grab of my preset investment allocations. I will look into these in more detail and whether I should alter it. Unfortunately I cant see online an individual breakdown over time for each investment type. I can only view cumulative history.

It seems the reduction is due more to recent performances. I’ve only started to pay closer to attention to things like my super as i’ve entered my mid 30’s. I am still relatively naive with such matters.


I’m guessing that I’m a bit further along in the journey than you… my super is worth about twelve grand less than it was at the beginning of October. The share market fluctuations over the period are mostly responsible as far as I can tell.
If you have the option to change your investment strategy, which you should, moving your settings to ‘conservative’ or ‘cash’ should, at least, stem the bleeding for the moment. Returns are less impressive in good times, but losses are not quite so eye-watering when shit is trumps…
It may be politic to seek professional advice rather than relying on randoms on internet forums, also! :wink:


Usually the asset allocation amounts are pre set by the investment strategy you select. High growth will see a high allocation to shares and growth alternatives, whilst more conservative strategies will have a high allocation to bonds. Some funds allow you to pick the specific asset allocation percentage, ie using your above screenshot they could vary the percentage of bonds several points higher. But fiddling with this kind of thing isn’t usually an option as you need to know what you are doing.
It’s worth getting into a bit more if you can so that you set it up in a way you are comfortable with the risk and returns. Much of what’s coming out from royal commission here stems from people not wanting to deal with their super.


Driving sydney to cairns in the new year, any must stop places along the way?


Not sure about must stop places but there are three similarly timed routes up to Brisbane, and I’ve heard from a few people that the coastal one is the least interesting of the three, so maybe go inland at least in one direction.


Great Lakes is a nice one, especially if you like oysters in Forster. Just not too far out of Sydney


Reminds me , probably should check in on my super. Having left 4.5 years ago, I have no idea what’s going on with it.


Don’t know if I mentioned it yet but I’m getting posted back to WA.
Gonna get me some sweet office job time working on base.
Work on my tan. Be part of the Sydney away contingent again.
Get to Perth just in time for the next glory game.