Cheerleaders 2018


Poor bastard, though a cruisy shore posting would be nice.



Who’s working through Christmas/NY’s? It’s super boring here, I think I’ve had 4 coffees and it’s only 10:30am


I’m working till the 28th with xmas day and boxing day off


I think I jinxed the coffee machine, the water intake bit broke and now I’m waiting for a plumber to fix it.


He’s now posting on some other forum about having to fix someone’s coffee machine on Christmas Eve.


Work tonight until 4am.
Working all New Years as well but the advantage of that is free entry to Falls Byron.


Working from home on every day that’s not a holiday or a weekend, usual ‘emergency’ that really isnt.


Off from the 13th Dec til 14th Jan. First proper time off in 2 years


I only have the public holidays off and that it is. Granted I finish work at 8pm on New Years Eve.


Happy holidays to you all.


Happy non denominational celebration forumites


Merry Christmas sad sacks and goo feasters.


Well I’ve spent the morning comparing dividend yields, price to earnings ratios and other boring as batshit things.

It’s midday and I think I’ve got 1 phone call so far. I think I’m going to have to think about closing next year instead.


That first massive post-boxing day shit.


how glorious is it?


Cheerleaders has really gone downhill if we’re talking about bowel movements now.


Yeah man, this thread has turned to shit.


Not just talking about - celebrating.


Happy New Year, freaks!
Here’s to three points on Friday, the Golden Boot for Alfie, a spot in the semi’s, and getting through to the round of 16 in the ACL


Yeah Happy New Year all. Here’s to another year of wasted productivity on here.