Cheerleaders 2018


Happy New Year peeps


Happy New Year to everyone!


Happy New Years hooligans.

Update - work is still uber boring.


Wish that was the case here. I’m working till 8pm this week and I was still getting call after 7:00pm on New Years Eve.


Beer & wine is fine.

Wine then beer, oh dear…


The drive between Brisbane and Mackay would have to be the most boring in Australia


Sydney-Melb ain’t fair behind.


Unfortunate faux pas on ABC News, a man was electrocuted in his own driveway when he stepped on live wires brought down by the storm on Saturday night…”emergency services couldn’t help the man, his wife & children who were understandably distressed, were treated for shock…”


Hey ya’ll

Decent pub in or around the city that does trivia on a Monday or Tuesday night?


I’ve not been to trivia but the Belvedere does it on Tuesday nights. Tuesday is also steak special day, $16 for a feed and a schooner (I do lunches there).


Might give it a go, cheers


I think The Trinity has shifted their trivia night to Tuesdays.


Forgot to say, good shout.
The steak special went down a treat, and with only 4 teams playing Trivia, we pissed in second place, and won a tonne of free drinks along the way.
Probably go back at some point.

And then gabbed 11pm KFC on the dash back to the Tain station.
Good times.


Shit that sounds good.
Might try and raise a brain posse and come knock you preeners off your fucking perch.


I just realised this morning that SFCU still works on our network. Now that I’m back working in an office instead of a ship I’m worried that my forum usage time is going to rapidly increase.


People stuck in lifts in the city…in this weather…



I had an orientation meeting at the school for our little ones.
It was at 9 for about an hour.
My new chief just says ah take the whole day off. Why not

I’m really enjoying not being on a ship anymore


570mm in the last 7 days. Monsoon is about to turn around and come back as it picks up strength. Great.


Fans of the Simpsons should search out Dankmus (I found via Spotify) - i would recommend the tracks ‘Hello Mr Thompson’ & Dissin Your Fly Girl’


This is the best thing to happen to me all day