Cheerleaders 2018


The blust of times track is highly recommended.




Wow, incredible


Damn I got disoriented and thought this was the match thread for a seccond.


I’m moving to compressed hours at work, taking every second Friday as an RDO. This week will be my first Friday off and it’s already making my life easier. I had Monday and Tuesday in the office and then the next two days are in a conference before a three day weekend. Already looking forward to it making my life easier down the track.


Has you or your employer instigated this?


Me, it’s entirely voluntary. Given the award hours are only 35 hours per week it seems easy enough to do 70 hours in 9 days.


Quite a few at my office have voluntarily moved to a similar arrangement and don’t have any real issues getting all the work done.
If you cut down a little of the usual faffing I think most office workers could do a 9 day fortnight or even a 4 day week.


I work 6-2 so I can get home to get my kids from school and avoid the traffic getting on and off base.

Working from 6 allows me to catch up with the east coast, get all the work sorted before most other people arrive and then get out of the office nice and early.


I do 6-2 as well. Get up early and leave before traffic hits, and then generally leave early before rush hour. Also helps that I have afternoons to sort out any crap with banks and post offices etc still being open.


I also go for a run at about 9 or 10, then shower and lunch and all of a sudden it’s almost 2.

oh i guess I’ll be off then.


Our tax dollars hard at work.


I pay taxes. I will choose what to do with them


Read: SFCU.


I just went for a nice swim as well.
The island has a very nice 50m outdoor pool.

I’ve decided to register for a half marathon in April. I’ve been doing a lot of running lately so I thought I should do something with it. gonna be fun?


Why don’t you register for the full one? If you’re hating it, pull out half way and you’ve done the half marathon.


I’ve been seeing this new chick who is into ironman. She’s done a few 70.3’s and is trying to get me to do a sprint. Sounds like the dumbest idea ever, but no doubt I will say yes.


She must be a looker.


If you really want to do an Ironman,

Sydney Rovers bro in law has done way too many to be classified as sane. Would be worth talking to him.


Not too sure if he looks at the forum anymore but I could ask.