Cheerleaders 2018


I’m doing a half in a couple of weeks. Been doing a bit of running in the lead up, but certainly nothing ridiculous.

If I’m not dead, I’ll let you know how I go.


My end goal is to try and do the marathon at the city to surf at the end of the year.
I would love to do triathons except that I am so terrible at swimming, I would be so far behind everyone else.


Good thing you don’t do anything that involves the ocean then.


I was a state representative water polo player…

I was the goalie. I can tread water like a champion


Could you save goals by getting sconed in the head? It’s valentines day today and this is my romantic gesture to my gf who was also a rep water polo goalie. Saving goals with the head apparently one of her more memorable moments, along with getting a cramp and nearly drowning. and letting in a goal at the same time.


there is a saying amongst water polo goalies that you aren’t a real goalie until you have (water polo ball brand) Mikasa tattoo’d on your forehead from getting hit in the face.

I remember my first one vividly. A guy was only about 3 metres out with his back to goal, he backhanded the throw so I didn’t see it coming until I saw stars for a moment. The ball rebounded about 20 metres towards the other goal and started a counter attack so I almost got an assist off my face.



I learnt (after about 10 years of trying) eggbeater style water treading thanks to my partner. It’s weird and confusing but does actually appear to be more efficient than my previous pretend i’m riding a bike style

She also claims that I have made her sound like a terrible goalie, which I assume is not actually the case given the rep thing


No one remembers the saves you make in water polo.


If God had wanted us to be in the water he wouldn’t have made it so deep.


The event itself is insane but the weekly mileage for an Ironman is what i find interesting. It would consume you


Yeah it would.
Atm I’m running about 35km a week and doing either swimming or yoga on a day as well.
And that distance will increase every week till the event


Neither would you after repeated concussions from making saves with the head…


what did I save with my head?


The free world.

Thank you for your service.


For the last couple of weeks my Facebook feed has been filled with ads for Teenage Fanclub’s north american tour. I have no idea why or how this has happened, but I blame @Sydney_Rovers for it.



Coincidentally saw them play last night, a few hiccups at the start with the sound and Norman’s voice was scratchy due to illness but that were great in the end.


Helinski on 22nd April?


I’m really concerned that it took my late intervention to make a getaway driver joke.

Are we getting like old and shit?


You have to be a certain age or know anything about the NSL to get the joke/


Are you suggesting we are hoodlums of a certain age?